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Kate Shugak Mystery Series

Dana Stabenow
A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow
A Taint in the Blood by Dana Stabenow
The Singing of the Dead by Dana Stabenow

Kate Shugak Mystery Series : Titles in Order

Book 14
In Dana Stabenow’s strongest novel to date, Aleutian P.I. Kate Shugak is hired by Charlotte Mauravieff to clear her mother’s name. Twenty years ago, her mother was convicted of setting fire to the family home and killing one of her two sons, both inside the house at the time. Though the mother herself had accepted the life sentence without protest, Charlotte has always believed in her innocence. But when Kate begins the investigation, she soon discovers that the terminally ill mother isn’t the only one refusing to cooperate and confront the past. To find the truth Kate must unearth twenty years of secrets, regret, and murder in one of Alaska’s most powerful families.

“Shugak is one of the great characters of modern crime fiction.”—Laurie R. King, author of Keeping Watch
Book 13
In the latest thriller in the Edgar Award–winning Kate Shugak series, the intrepid Alaskan detective investigates the murder of a man whom nobody even knew was missing. Although everyone knew town handyman Len Dreyer, he was also a mystery. When Dreyer’s body turns up, frozen for months in the path of a receding glacier with a shotgun hole in his chest, State Trooper Jim Chopin asks Kate to help him investigate Dreyer’s background in hopes of finding a motive for his murder. She takes the case in order to provide for the teenaged boy now in her care, a constant reminder of his father, her dead lover. Little does she imagine that in trying to provide for him she may be putting him in the path of danger.
Book 12
Set in Alaska, Edgar Award winner Dana Stabenow’s novels combine a rich portrait of life in the frozen north with taut suspense and top-notch characters. In this latest installment in the Kate Shugak series, the possibility of drilling for oil in a wildlife preserve near the home of the dynamic Aleutian P.I. has battle lines drawn. Things heat up when a ranger at the preserve loses his job for political reasons, but when a passionate conservation spokesperson is found poisoned, the war begins in earnest. In a gripping story both entertaining and tense—not to mention timely—Dana Stabenow brings to life the beauty and danger of living and dying in Alaska. This could be the novel that catapults Stabenow into the forefront of crime fiction today.

“The series is known for its breathtaking portrayal of the Alaskan scenery and way of life, its complex characterizations and the wry humor that gives the stories their unique appeal.”—Writers Write
Book 11
“Dana Stabenow excels at evoking the bleakness and beauty of the far north.”
-Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer

Kate Shugak hires onto the staff of a political campaign to work security for a Native woman running for state senator. The candidate has been receiving anonymous threats, and Kate, who went to college with two of the staffers, is to become her shadow, watching the crowds at rallies and fund-raisers. But just as she’s getting started, the campaign is rocked by the murder of their staff researcher. In order to track the killer, Kate will have to retrace the researcher’s steps and delve into the past, in particular the grisly murder of a “good-time girl” during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1915. Little can she guess the impact a ninety-year-old unsolved case could have on a modern-day psychotic killer. . .
Book 10
Kate, former investigator for the Anchorage D.A. and now a P.I. for hire, is missing. She is spending the winter working under an assumed name in an effort to get over a grief she can’t discuss. Her best friend, State Trooper Jim Chopin, needing her to help him work a new case, discovers her hiding out in Bering, a small fishing village on Alaska’s western coast. Before they can even discuss Kate’s last several months, or what Jim is doing looking for her in Bering, they are up to their eyebrows in Jim’s case, which is suddenly more complicated – and more dangerous – than they suspected.

This, the ninth novel featuring Kate Shugak, is Stabenow’s most compelling to date.
Book 1
Kate Shugak returns to her roots in the far Alaskan north, after leaving the Anchorage D.A.’s office. Her deductive powers are definitely needed when a ranger disappears. Looking for clues among the Aleutian pipeliners, she begins to realize the fine line between lies and loyalties–between justice served and cold murder.
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