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The Blade of the Flame Series

Tim Waggoner
Forge of the Mindslayers by Tim Waggoner
The Sea of Death by Tim Waggoner
The Thieves of Blood by Tim Waggoner

The Blade of the Flame Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
An assassin-turned priest races to thwart the plans of an evil lich in this stunning conclusion to The Blade of the Flame Eberron trilogy
The lich Nathifa has stolen the mystic dragonwand and intends to use it to summon an army of weresharks to ravage the Lhazaar Principalities in the name of the Lich Queen Vol. To stop her, assassin-turned-priest Diran Bastiaan must defeat a demon that holds a city in thrall, contend with a werewolf whose only wish is to die, and survive deadly peril on the fabled isle of Trebaz Sinara.
Diran will need all his faith, a brace of well-honed daggers, and more than a little luck to succeed. For if he fails, the Principalities will be swept away in a sea of death.
Book 2
With innocent lives on the line, an assassin-priest wages war against the forces of evil in this high-octane Eberron novel
Living in the war-ravaged realm of Eberron, assassin-turned-priest Diran Bastiaan and his half-orc sidekick, Ghaji, make an unlikely pair. One looks like the stuff of nightmares, while the other is “a conduit through which the holy force of Good could work its will in the physical world.” Together, they have traveled throughout the archipelagic Lhazaar Principalities sharing numerous wild adventures—but none were as dangerous as the one they currently face.
When a gang of bloodthirsty pirates kidnaps Diran’s former lover, a beautiful ex-mercenary killer named Makala, the priest of the Silver Flame and his half-breed wingman vow to get her—and countless other abductees—back. But the seafaring raiders are no ordinary criminals. They are led by the infamous vampire Onkar, who in turn serves a being unfathomably more evil than himself.
Book 1
Discover the dark world of Eberron as one assassin-turned-cleric searches for peace in a land that knows only blood
Diran Bastiaan was once one of the most feared assassins in the land—one of the best money could buy. But after a life-altering spiritual experience, he has turned his back on murder, seeking the life of a wandering priest of the Silver Flame. All he wants is peace. But in a rough port town on the edge of the world, his past is about to catch up to him—and killing may be his only hope.
When raiders known as the Black Fleet hit the town, capturing Diran’s former lover, he must risk everything to save her. Accompanied by a half-orc fighter named Ghaji, he races against the clock, knowing time is quickly running out. For these are no ordinary pirates bent on plunder, but minions of Erdis Cai, a warlord and servant of the Blood of Vol . . .

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