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The Star Gods Series

Irene Radford
The Hidden Dragon by Irene Radford
The Dragon Circle by Irene Radford
Dragon's Revenge by Irene Radford

The Star Gods Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Three brothers take shelter on a pretechnological world where dragons are worshiped as gods. When the off-world forces they have fled track them down, they must find a way to save the world they’ve made their own.
Book 2
Continuing the tale that began in The Hidden Dragon, this is the story of three Terran brothers who discover a fascinating world where dragons are real-and worshiped as gods.
Book 1
Acclaimed author Irene Radford returns to her beloved Dragon Nibmus universe with book one of The Stargods. Here is the tale of the first Terrans, gifted with both psi powers and technology, who discovered a world where dragons are real…and are worshiped as gods.

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