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Tess Noncoire Adventure Series

P. R. Frost
Hounding the Moon by P. R. Frost
Faery Moon by P. R. Frost
Forest Moon Rising by P. R. Frost

Tess Noncoire Adventure Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Tess Noncoiré, successful fantasy writier and Celestial Blade Warrior, has made a deal with the Powers That Be, trading her own dreams for the future for the safety of those nearest and dearest to her. Having survived this unprecedented experience, Tess—along with her imp Scrap—is determined to hunt down a demonic intruder from another dimension, the Nörglein, who seems bent on bespelling and seducing young women, leaving them pregnant, and then waiting for the proper time to steal the babies away for his own purposes. 

Injured in her first encounter with the Nörglein, Tess will be forced to turn to the two men she swore she’d have nothing more to do with, as well as several unexpected allies. But whether she can stop the Nörglein and rescue his offspring from the fate he has planned for them is very much in doubt. And if she has to face the Powers That Be a second time, getting out alive will be the least of Tess’s worries….
Book 3
Magic takes flight

Tess Noncoire, a successful fantasy writer, is in Vegas for a writers’ conference. Of all its sights, the most surprising is a group of faeries kidnapped to perform in a casino. If Tess and her sidekick, Scrap, don’t return these winged dancers to their home, their dimension may be erased forever.
Book 2
Tess Noncoiré, bestselling fantasy writer turned martial arts demon hunter, is back for another rollicking adventure. Trouble has followed Tess to her own doorstep, and now she and her sidekick Scrap must protect her mother from a demon she’s fallen in love with while at the same time fighting off an invasion led by the king of the Trolls—who bears far too close a resemblance to a garden gnome…
Book 1
Tess Noncoir? is a bestselling fantasy writer. She’s also become a demon fighter trained in martial arts by the Sisterhood of the Celestial Blade Warriors and partnered with a mischievous imp named Scrap. Together they must find a young Native American girl who has disappeared-before she falls victim to a ferocious hound. As the hunt grows more desperate, the forces of darkness close in on them. Will an old Native American myth prove the key to salvation or to the end of life on Earth?

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