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Oreimo: Kuroneko Series

Found in Graphic Novels & Manga
Oreimo: Kuroneko Volume 4 by Tsukasa Fushima
Oreimo: Kuroneko Volume 5 by Writer Tsukasa Fushimi, Artists Sakura Ikeda and Hiro Kanzaki
Oreimo: Kuroneko Volume 6 by Various

Oreimo: Kuroneko Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
An ending different from the anime series!
Kyousuke and Kuroneko spend their days wonderfully established in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship—then suddenly, Kuroneko decides that they must break up! In the end, what will be the true relationship between Kuroneko and Kyousuke . . . and between them and Kirino? The Oreimo: Kuroneko spinoff story wraps up in this final volume!
Book 5
In the bright sparkle of summer, Ruri Gokou has descended to earth in her sundress with her divine persona, Kamineko! And wouldn’t you know–now Kyousuke and Ruri have begun seeing each other! Will their date together bring to light the hitherto unseen object of her desire–and will Kyousuke at last see as well that which only she has gazed upon…?
Book 4
It’s summer in Japan, and Kirino is back, which can mean only one thing…everyone’s second trip together to Comike, the world’s largest fan convention. Kuroneko’s got a stack of her dôjinshi (self-published comics) to sell, but who should they all bump into there but the lovely, the talented male model Kouki Mikagami…who’s been in a photo shoot with Kirino…?
Book 2
Kirino seems far out of the way, studying in America . . . but is she really that far away from the thoughts of Kyousuke? That’s the problem on Kuroneko’s mind: She’s glad to be by Kyousuke’s side, but fears she may only be a substitute. Meanwhile, a new challenger appears when Kuroneko joins the Gaming Club: Sena Akagi, who has an overactive imagination and wishes to pair Kyousuke up with her brother!
* New spinoff of Oreimo, starring the fan-favorite character Kuroneko.
Book 1
In a shocking twist, Kyousuke’s sister Kirino has decided to study abroad . . . and Ruri Gokou, a.k.a. Kuroneko, is transferring to Kyousuke’s school! Is his homeroom prepared to have the dark Queen of Nightmare among them . . . and is the manga world prepared when Kuroneko makes her first pitch to a professional company? One thing’s for sure—Kyousuke will be by her side, supporting her. But how close is “by her side” going to be . . . ?

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