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Polar Series

Victor Santos and Various
Polar Volume 2 Eye for an Eye by Victor Santos
Polar Volume 3: No Mercy for Sister Maria by Victor Santos, writer, artist, colorist, letterer.

Polar Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
After two years on the run, mob boss Don Cagliostro discovers his young wife, Maria–seeking escape from a life of organized crime–has been hiding in a nunnery in northern Europe. What the don doesn’t know is that his right-hand man, Sullivan, who’s been tasked with bringing the girl back home, is actually an undercover FBI agent seeking out Maria as a star witness in his case against the family. A simple-enough task . . . until info on Maria’s whereabouts leaks. When mobsters, mercenaries, and hit men converge on the convent in the hopes of collecting a reward for bringing Maria to the don, the holy ground becomes a battleground!

Victor Santos (Black Market, Sleepy Hollow) closes out his silent web-comic trilogy Polar with this third action-packed season!
Book 2
Left adrift in arctic waters with a gunshot wound to the head, adrift in arctic waters, Christy White was rescued from an icy death by a mysterious man. She craved retribution, and he taught her how to get it–how to make sense of her past and how to kill. They tried to freeze her out, but they should have finished the job, because now she’s back with a vengeance!

Collecting the second year of the bloody and beautiful silent webcomic by Victor Santos (The Mice Templar, Furious), this rage-fueled revenge story features new noir dialogue crafted by Santos for this edition.

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