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Classics Series

John Maddox Roberts and Richard Knaak
The Citadel by Richard Knaak
Murder in Tarsis by John Maddox Roberts

Classics Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Weapon of the Dark Queen

Against a darkened cloud it comes, framed by thunder and lightning, soaring over the ravaged land: the flying citadel, mightiest power in the arsenal of the dragon highlords.

In an age of war, an evil wizard learned the secret of creating these castles in the air and sought to use them to gain power over all Krynn. Against him were ranged a red-robed magic-user, a cleric, an ancient warrior, and — naturally — a kender.

Their battle shook the skies of Krynn.
Book 1
When the Lord of Tarsis finds himself with a politically volatile murder on his hands, he turns to the three most expendable inhabitants of the city for a solution.

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