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The Cleric Quintet Series

R.A. Salvatore
The Chaos Curse by R.A. Salvatore
In Sylvan Shadows by R.A. Salvatore
Canticle by R.A. Salvatore

The Cleric Quintet Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
Cadderly and his friends journey home to find a changed Edificant Library in this conclusion to the Cleric Quintet

After many epic battles, Cadderly and his team of heroes are finally ready to return home to the Edificant Library. Cadderly knows to expect a cold reception, given that his powers have grown exponentially since his departure—and have even disrupted the hierarchy of his religious order.

However, something far worse awaits the travelers when they reach their destination. In their absence, the Chaos Curse has reared its angry head once more, attacking their beloved library home and turning it into a horrifying battleground teeming with vicious, powerful creatures. Can Cadderly overcome evil on his home turf and find his new place in the Deneiran order—or is his home lost forever?
Book 4
Equipped with new powers and confidence, Cadderly wages battle against Castle Trinity in this penultimate installment of the Cleric Quintet

Warrior-priest Cadderly Bonaduce is tired of living in fear of his enemies. Joined by his friends Danica, Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder, Shayleigh the elf, and Vander the firbolg, he takes matters into his own hands to bring the battle to Castle Trinity, the headquarters of a nefarious sect that worships the goddess of disease.

Against the wishes of the chief priests, the friends set forth to win fight after fight against foes old and new, drawing on Cadderly’s newfound strength and power. As the most epic battle of all draws near, the motley group of warriors will each need to unleash their powers, especially as the ultimate enemy may be more familiar and more deadly than they anticipate . . .
Book 3
Cadderly the warrior-priest discovers a magical book whose secrets may help him to defeat the Chaos Curse once and for all

Cadderly’s spiritual and moral wrestlings reach a crescendo upon his discovery of the mysterious Tome of Universal Harmony. While he is eager to defeat evil, his battles against the Chaos Curse have taken him far from his scholarly inventor’s life, and the magical book from his priestly order calls to him in ways he cannot fully comprehend.

But adventure isn’t finished with the young cleric yet. Cadderly and his friends face great danger from a sinister killer and the assassins of the Night Mask, all of whom lurk in the streets of the city of Carradoon. With the dreaded Chaos Curse still at large and new enemies at every turn, can Cadderly find both his faith and his warrior’s courage before it’s too late?
Book 2
Cadderly leaves his home at the Edificant Library to aid the elves of Shilmista Forest in an epic battle against evil forces

Cadderly the cleric and his fellow inhabitants of the Edificant Library have vanquished the Chaos Curse that was unleashed upon their home. But their celebrations are cut short when a terrible piece of news arrives at their door: The Curse has spread farther than they could have ever imagined, leaving the rag-tag band of heroes with no choice but to resume their battle against its great evil.

Now, Cadderly and his friends must journey to the forest of Shilmista—the homeland of the elves—where an evil collective of wizards named Castle Trinity has waged war. While fighting for his life and the home of his new companions, Cadderly also navigates his new status as priest of the Deneiran order and his new feelings of jealousy for the elven prince Elbereth.
Book 1
From the beloved creator of the Legend of Drizzt comes the thrilling first adventure in the Cleric Quintet—the story of a young cleric who is destined for greatness

High in the Snowflake Mountains sits the Edificant Library, a place of scholarly study for priests, bards, and anyone who seeks knowledge for the sake of the greater good. This mystical place is home to Cadderly, a young cleric who lives a peaceful life of scholarship and invention.

When a vicious curse is unleashed on the library, Cadderly must set aside his pursuit of knowledge to lead a motley team of monks, dwarves, and druids—and one alluring young warrior monk named Danica—into the catacombs of the library and a perilous fight against evil. There, the friends must join together as a group of unlikely heroes to save their home from the destruction already pulsing through its walls.

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