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The Cormyr Saga Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
Beyond the High Road by Troy Denning
Death of the Dragon by Ed Greenwood
Cormyr A Novel by Ed Greenwood

The Cormyr Saga Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The saga of the mighty Forest Kingdom comes to a close as dark magic, fell foes, and a vicious dragon threaten to destroy Cormyr’s royal family—and Cormyr itself

Azoun IV, in the twilight of his years, is still a shining hero to most of his subjects. To all but the eldest, he is the only king they’ve ever known. He’s led them capably out of dark doom before.

Yet Cormyr has never faced so many mighty and mysterious foes at once. Demonic ghazneths, ancient curses, weird trees of foul magic, goblins and their kin on the rise in the northern wilderlands, a blight upon the land, rebellious mutterings, dying war wizards . . . and a dragon the likes of which no living eyes on Faerûn have ever seen.

The Purple Throne doesn’t seem so unassailable now. It could well shatter under the weight of a gigantic dragon—or the secrets and follies of the last of the Obarskyrs.
Book 2
When demons bear down on Cormyr with great force, the heir to the Obarskyr throne must assume a different title: heroine
The seer Alaundo prophesied that seven scourges would sweep Cormyr away in ruin. For centuries, the royal family has stood watch against that day and devoted their lives to the protection of the realm. But in a time when their ancient guardians slumber and their most loyal servants disappear, when a terrible evil prepares to sweep down upon their home . . . Who will protect the royal family?

It falls to Tanalasta, the eldest Obarskyr princess and heir to the throne, to find a way to defeat the ghazneths—the demon forms of old Cormyrean traitors—who now threaten to raze the kingdom to the ground. Under the tutelage of Court Wizard Vangerdhast, Tanalasta has come to hone her magical abilities. But will they be enough to save everyone and everything she has ever loved?
Book 1
The epic historical saga of the most powerful nation in the Forgotten Realms— as told by the world’s co-creators
Aided and abetted by a powerful family of wizards, the Obarskyr family has ruled Cormyr since its inception one and a half millennia ago. Now, Cormyr’s benevolent king, Azoun IV, lies overcome by a deadly malady from which he may not recover. When the vultures begin to circle, hoping to usurp the throne for their own, many question the loyalty of the king’s wizard and advisor, Vangerdahast.
It is against this crisis of state that the history of the Forest Kingdom unfolds, relaying the previously untold story of a nation, its rulers, and its wizards.

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