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Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Series

Found in Graphic Novels & Manga
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol. 1: Weapons of Past Destruction by Cavan Scott
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol. 3: Official Secrets by Written by Cavan Scott, with art by Adriana Melo and Cris Bolson
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Vol. 4: Sin Eaters by Written by Cavan Scott, with art by Adriana Melo and Cris Bolson

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Don’t miss the stunning fourth collection of the Ninth Doctor’s all-new comics adventures with Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness!

Two staggering adventures see the Doctor and his companions facing psyche-shattering conspiracies and ancient secrets in equal measure!

First, the Doctor goes undercover at a prisoner rehabilitation facility held within a collapsing singularity – a place where the scientists claim to be able to ‘cure’ murderers and psychopaths by removing all of their negative emotions. But the Doctor’s dark side – and Time Lord physiology – give birth to a horrendously real ‘id’ that rampages through the station! Has the Doctor’s carefree approach to planning finally met a threat that he can’t charm or think he way out of?

Meanwhile, Captain Jack has left the TARDIS, and is tracking down more information about his missing years – time and memories he had erased while working as a Time Agent.

When the object of an assassination he was supposedly responsible for turns up alive and well, Jack must delve deep into the past he would rather leave behind, in order to prove worthy of the TARDIS crew…
Book 3

Team TARDIS are in hot pursuit of a monster they accidentally sent back to the 1970s (or was it the 1980s?), but there are more monsters than they ever could have imagined… and they’re being controlled by an unknown source!
Then the search for Jack’s missing memories takes the TARDIS to 17th Century Brazil! Will Jack find what he seeks, and keep the trust of his friends?
Book 2
When the Ninth Doctor lands on Gharusa in search of a secret from Captain Jack’s missing past, the last thing he, Jack, and Rose expect to find is the Doctor’s face plastered all over the planet’s television screens – and a crowd of screaming fans! When Doctormania strikes, is anyone safe?! Plus – some shocking friends from the Doctor’s past – or is that his future? – pull the TARDIS team into high-stakes alien adventure in San Francisco!
Book 1
The Ninth Doctor takes the spotlight for an all-new adventure with fan-favorite Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness! A complete story in this volume! 

In-continuity with the TV show – witness an unseen adventure for the very first time, as the Doctor discovers a cache of weapons from the Time War are being bought and sold on the black market. Worse, a new and mysterious force are policing time, making use of the power vacuum left by the Time Lords’ disappearance to shape history to their own ends!

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