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The Elminster Series

Ed Greenwood
Elminster in Myth Drannor by Ed Greenwood
Elminster's Daughter by Ed Greenwood
Elminster in Hell by Ed Greenwood

The Elminster Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
When Narnra of Waterdeep discovers that her long lost father is none other than the great mage Elminster, her hunger for the truth of her birth leads her on the greatest adventure of her young life
Narnra Shalace has grown up on the streets of the City of Splendors, facing the daily dangers of life as a fatherless thief. Although her mother has long hinted that her father was of magical stock, Narnra is shocked when she discovers that she is in fact the child of Elminster the mage.
Filled with rage that this powerful man who she has heard of in legends and folktales abandoned her to a life of poverty and thievery, Narnra hatches a plan for revenge. Little does she know, forces far beyond herself and Elminster are about to collide. Amidst a vast conspiracy to overthrow all order in the Realms, Narnra will have to learn to trust again—and to love.
Book 4
Elminster the mage descends into the depths of Hell from which it will take all of his powers to escape

When an ancient evil banishes Elminster to the depths of the Nine Hells, his earthly powers diminsh, reducing him to one of the many lost souls of the inferno. Elminster, Sage of Shadowdale, Chosen of Mystra, faces his most desperate struggle yet—to remember himself and to cling to his very sanity—
as all of the forces of evil rally against him.

Told with the spirit of adventure typical of the Forgotten Realms series, Elminster in Hell is both an epic quest and a profound story of one man’s memories and his desperation for a future.
Book 3
In this third adventure in the Forgotten Realms series, Elminster the mage must make a choice that will change the Realms forever

Emerging at last from a lengthy imprisonment in a dark and dusty tomb, Elminster seeks the guidance of Mystra, the Mother of all Magic. With Mystras’s wisdom in his ears, Elminster sets forth on an adventure that leads him to the mysterious and sinister Lady of Shadows, and a Realms-shaking confrontation. With temptations all around him, the mage must make the most important choice of his long life, a choice that will leave the Realms forever changed.
Book 2
Elminster the mage returns for more adventure and magic in this second installment of his travels through the Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms

It is the time of the great elven city of Cormanthor, when the Heartlands are home to barbarians, wicked dragons rule the skies, and the elven people trust no one. Wizards and warriors alike threaten their civilization in vain, arrogant, and ignorant quests for glory.

Thus it was that Elminster was guided to Cormanthor, the Towers of Song, where Eltargrim was Coronal. There he dwelt for twelve summers and more, studying with many mighty mages, learning to feel magic and know how it could be bent and directed to his will . . . . It is recorded that when the Mythal was laid, and Cormanthor became Myth Drannor, Elminster was among those who devised and spun that mighty magic.
Book 1
Elminster the Mage’s origins—the first in a series of magical fantasy novels set in Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms
In ancient days, sorcerers sought to learn the One True Spell that would give them power over all the world and understanding of all magic. The One True Spell was a woman, and her name was Mystra—and her kisses were wonderful.

It is the time before Myth Drannor, when the Heartlands are home to barbarians, and wicked dragons rule the skies. In these ancient days, Elminster is but a shepherd boy, dreaming of adventure and heroics. But when a dragon-riding magelord sweeps down upon him, the boy is thrust into a world of harsh realities, corrupt rulers, and evil sorcerers.

With patience and grit, Elminster sets about to change all that. The result of his labors is a world reborn—and a mage made.

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