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Greenwood Presents Waterdeep Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
Mistshore by Jaleigh Johnson
The God Catcher by Erin M. Evans
Circle of Skulls by James P. Davis

Greenwood Presents Waterdeep Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
A dark fantasy of fallen angels, desperate rituals, and a series of occult murders—set in the seedy underbelly of Waterdeep
Jinn is an angel trapped in mortal flesh, sent down from the heavens to fight, die, and be reincarnated endlessly in the war against evil. But over the years, revenge supplanted justice.
Now he lives only to wreck vengeance—whatever the cost—on the dark angel who killed his lover. A series of brutal occult murders, left like breadcrumbs for him to follow, lead Jinn straight to Asmodeus—an invitation to a final battle for the soul of Waterdeep. But will Jinn still be able to choose the path of justice when he is so close to his enemy, after lifetimes of failure?

Circle of Skulls is the sixth book in a series of standalone novels set in Waterdeep.
Book 5
Walk the line between magic and madness in this thrilling tale of identity, intrigue, and obsession set in the classic City of Splendors
Tennora Hedare would give anything to be a wizard, but her well-to-do family has other plans for her future—and they’re far more befitting of a lady. But when a mysterious, blue-eyed woman comes to Waterdeep, making fantastical claims, a life of excitement and magic is suddenly within Tennora’s grasp. The woman, named Nestrix, offers her a bargain: She will help Tennora achieve her dreams if, in turn, Tennora will help return her to her true form as a legendary blue dragon.
However, soon after Tennora seals the deal, a bounty hunter insists that Nestrix is no dragon, but a real human—a violent, criminally insane human who murders anyone who fails her. Now questioning with whom she should place her trust, Tennora begins to realize that the price of adventure and magic is danger unlike any she has ever imagined.

The God Catcher is the fifth book in a series of standalone novels set in Watedeep.
Book 4
The City of Splendors merges with the Land of the Dead in this chilling but humorous adventure in the world of the Forgotten Realms
Sophraea Carver, born and bred next to Waterdeep’s historic graveyard, is used to living close to the dead. However, when ghostly figures begin to emerge from the cemetery, Sophraea discovers that evil forces beyond the ordinary are at play.
Together with Gustin Bone, a travelling wizard, Sophraea sets out to investigate the mysterious and alarming happenings. As the two delve deeper into the world beyond the living, they discover a devious plot for revenge that endangers the entire city of Waterdeep.

City of the Dead is the fourth book in a series of standalone novels set in Waterdeep.
Book 2
Travel to the outskirts of Waterdeep—a fantastical city teeming with secrets, where a perfect memory is a dangerous gift
Although human wizard Icelin Tearn would like to forget parts of her dangerous past, she is cursed with a perfect memory—and just enough magic that danger still lurks behind every corner. When Icelin is threatened by a mysterious elf who seems to know a great deal about her history, she is forced to flee to Mistshore, a part of Waterdeep that is cloaked in mystery and often avoided.
Joined by a monk named Ruen and a butcher named Sull, two accomplices she meets along the way, Icelin descends into the little-visited, unkempt parts of the City of Splendors. Here, she will learn new secrets that just may help to uncover the truth behind her haunting memories . . .
Mistshore is the second book in a series of standalone novels set in Waterdeep.
Book 1
A young group of friends must navigate conspiracy and sorcery in one of the most legendary cities of the Forgotten Realms—Waterdeep

When the newest Blackstaff—a powerful wizard who defends the city of Waterdeep—is captured as part of an evil ploy for power, a motley crew of accomplices must band together to restore the Blackstaff to power and save the city.
Laraelra, Meloon, Renaer and other legendary heroes of the Forgotten Realms form an unlikely team, rising above their humble origins to complete an epic quest through the City of Splendors. Together, they fight side by side in the race to reach Blackstaff Tower before the forces of evil can claim it as their own.

Blackstaff Tower is the first book in a series of standalone novels set in Waterdeep.

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