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Godsend Series

Jenna Helland
Theros by Jenna Helland
Journey Into Nyx by Jenna Helland

Godsend Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Elspeth’s trials in Theros continue in this second Godsend adventure inspired by the myths of ancient Greece
In a realm where fickle gods fight for the devotion of mortals, the planeswalker Elspeth has risen to become the champion of the sun god Heliod, who transformed her legendary sword into a spear named “Godsend.”
As Elspeth defends the city Akros from minotaur hordes, she uncovers a horrible truth: If the machinations of the satyr planeswalker Xenagos come to fruition, he’ll ascend to godhood and threaten the entire realm of Theros. Made a pariah by Xenagos, an exiled and hated Elspeth fights for her life. As she hunts Xenagos, Elspeth must attempt to breach Nyx, the realm of night—and the home of the gods.
Book 1
A rip-roaring journey to Theros begins in this thrilling epic fantasy novel set in the Magic: The Gathering universe
In a realm where mortals are the unwitting pawns of temperamental gods, the planeswalker Elspeth charts her own fate. Wielding a divinely forged sword, Elspeth’s heroics attract the unwanted attention of vengeful, jealous deities.

After surviving an attempt on her life by the sun god Heliod, an even more colossal battle awaits her. If Elspeth can slay Polukranos, a monstrous, many-headed hydra, she will gain the power to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the heroes—and gods—of Theros.

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