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Heroes Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
The Legend of Huma by Richard Knaak
The Gates of Thorbardin by Dan Parkinson
Galen Beknighted by Michael Williams

Heroes Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
The world’s most reluctant knight, Galen Pathwarden, returns for another misadventure in this exciting sequel to Weasel’s Luck
Becoming a knight has changed the Weasel very little. Galen Pathwarden is still wary of seeking adventure—and still out to save his own skin at virtually any cost. But when his brother Brithelm vanishes mysteriously, Galen sets aside his better judgment and embarks on a quest that leads him under the earth, deep into a conspiracy of darkness, and to the very end of his courage.
Once more, this reluctant knight returns to the imperiled nation of Solamnia, where he will learn if he has what it takes to be a true hero.
Book 5
Magic and peril run rampant beneath the earth in this Dragonlance Heroes novel about Krynn’s forgotten dwarven heroes
Legends tell that beneath the mountain fortress of Skullcap lie the remains of the dark wizard Fistandantilus and the path to the gates of the ancient dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. Buried somewhere along that perilous path is the magical helm of Grallen, son of King Duncan, tragic hero of the Dwarfgate War. Finding Grallen’s helm, it is prophesied, will herald the return of a united Thorbardin—but it will also open the gates of the realm to fresh horror and chaos.
Now, one exiled dwarf’s dreams of the fabled helm will lead him on an adventure to glory. Or will it lead to his ultimate doom?
Book 4
Old friends become new foes in this follow-up to the New York Times bestseller The Legend of Huma, starring renegade minotaur Kaz 

After the defeat of the Dark Queen and the death of Huma Dragonbane, Kaz the minotaur wanders throughout Krynn, telling the tale of the land’s most legendary hero. Already hunted by his own kinsmen, he discovers that he has also been declared an outlaw by the Knights of Solamnia, who once hailed him as a hero. But he has no idea why.
With old comrades now chasing him as a dreaded enemy, Kaz searches for the truth. But when he hears rumors of evil incidents, he returns to warn the Knights of Solamnia—and is plunged into a dark waking nightmare. Magic and treachery assail him from every side, but it is the ghosts of the past that may prove the most dangerous threat.
Book 3
The world’s least promising knight gets his first taste of high-stakes adventure in this rollicking and fantastical Dragonlance tale
Weasel’s luck was not always good . . . Galen Pathwarden, known as “the Weasel”, would give anything to stay clear of adventure, danger, or heroism. Cowardly, deceitful, and hardly noble—and mired in a backwater castle far from any action—he bickers with his siblings and schemes against his elders. But one fateful night, Galen’s dreary life is turned upside down when a sinister visitor arrives bearing gold, unspeakable magic, and a centuries’ old curse.
The encounter launches Galen on a bizarre quest into swamp and forest, headed toward a mythical fortress. With the great Solamnic Knight, Sir Bayard Brightblade, and a none-too-bright centaur named Agion at his side, Galen must overcome the schemes and traps of a sinister illusionist known only as the Scorpion.
Book 1
New York Times bestseller: In the realms of Dragonlance, the legend of one heroic knight is larger than life . . .

When word spreads that goblins are roaming nearby, Huma Dragonbane, a Knight of the Crown, is sent to patrol the woods and fend off chaos. It is there that he stumbles upon a tortured minotaur, Kaz, who he swiftly frees from vicious goblin captors. So beings an unlikely but powerful friendship—one that will plunge Huma and Kaz into a deadly battle against the treacherous Knights of Solamnia and the dark goddess Takhisis. Even with the power of the legendary Silver Dragon at their side, Huma and Kaz face overwhelming odds . . .

Only fragments of the account of Huma survived the Cataclysm that broke the world of Krynn. His story has never been fully told—until now.

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