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The Haunted Lands Series

Richard Lee Byers
Unclean by Richard Lee Byers
Unholy by Richard Lee Byers
Undead by Richard Lee Byers

The Haunted Lands Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The realm of Thay is more war-torn than ever—but its surviving citizens are game for one final battle against the evil necromancer Szass Tam
The formerly green fields of Thay lie in war-torn ruins and the realm’s formerly living populace is undead. With the mageocracy in exile, masters of no more than their beaten army, they watch from distant shores as Thay continues to descend into chaos.
Meanwhile, the brilliant necromancer-turned-King of Thay—the mastermind behind the civil war that drove the ruling council into exile—appears to have gone insane. But rumor soon spreads of a reason behind his erratic behavior: a great magical ritual. As Szass Tam moves forward with his villainous plot, the survivors of the realm must band together to prevent him from destroying not just Thay but the entire world.
Book 2
In the sequel to Unclean, the citizens of Thay rally together to thwart the undead hordes attacking their home
What started as one wizard’s ambition to take over the ruling council has become a vicious civil war that breeds a monstrous army of undead. And while the undead have always been part of life in Thay, after ten years of constant battles, they have come to outnumber the living.
As the undead armies mass and march to the beat of an evil necromancer’s drum, the living citizens of the magic-rich realm must unite and mount a defense before they die and join their enemy’s ranks.
Book 1
In the magic-rich realm of Thay, an evil necromancer recruits the undead to his cause—a cause that will change the face of Faerûn forever

The realm of Thay has long been ruled by the uneasy peace of an alliance of wizards, but all along there has been one who believes he is the true master: the lich Szass Tam. The head of the School of Necromancy, Tam is ready to overtake the Red Wizards and and place himself as Thay’s sole ruler. When he finally moves against his former allies with an army of undead soldiers—from zombies to lichs to vampires—many fear that Thay is only the first of his many conquests.
Standing against him is the bard Bareris Anskuld and Aoth Fezim, a griffon rider and warmage. It falls to them to unite the wizards and citizens of Thay in a dangerous fight for their freedom, their survival, and their home.

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