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Heirs of Ash Series

Rich Wulf
Flight of the Dying Sun by Rich Wulf
Voyage of the Mourning Dawn by Rich Wulf

Heirs of Ash Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Seren, Tristam, and their ragged band of adventurers piece together the puzzle of a powerful invention thought lost in the Last War

Some say Ashrem’s Legacy was a super weapon, some a portal to other worlds. Whatever the truth, all know that the Legacy disappeared on the Day of Mourning. But now Ashrem’s heirs have unearthed clues to the Legacy’s whereabouts—and the hunt is on.

Some want to use the Legacy to bring about a new age. Some want to destroy it before it shatters the fragile peace in a world that is trying to put war behind it. But others find their fate inextricably caught up in Ashrem’s Legacy, and in the frozen lands of the far north, they’ll have to find a way to stay alive before they can save the world.
Book 1
A young thief races to recover a powerful, long-lost super-weapon in this first Heirs of Ash novel set in the magical world of Eberron
For years, rumors have spoken of the Legacy, a device beyond imagination and the brain child of the brilliant Ashrem d’Cannith. Some say it was a weapon; others claim it was a portal to other worlds. But in Cyre, on the Day of Mourning, Ashrem and his Legacy vanished in the greatest cataclysm the world had ever seen.
Now, a struggling young thief named Seren stumbles upon a clue that may lead to the lost Legacy. But what begins as a routine burglary has the authorities out to arrest her, ruthless spies out to kill her—and one of the heirs of Ashrem trying to save her. To stay alive, Seren and her new crewmates on The Mourning Dawn must find Ashrem’s Legacy before it falls into the hands of her pursuers. For if they fail, Eberron will plunge into another century of war.

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