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House of Serpents Series

Lisa Smedman
Vanity's Brood by Lisa Smedman
Viper's Kiss by Lisa Smedman
Venom's Taste by Lisa Smedman

House of Serpents Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The third and final volume in the House of Serpents trilogy, from New York Times–bestselling author Lisa Smedman
Medusanna is a priestess of terrifying power and ambition. Never satisfied, she convinces the Se’sehen—a yuan-ti tribe from the distant jungles of Chult—to serve her growing cult of Sseth, who specialize in dangerous games of deception, poison, and murder.
It is in the Sseth’s foul plane of Smaragh that Karell, a yuan-ti half-blood, lies trapped and desperate. Her only hope for rescue and survival is Arvin, a mind-mage of growing psionic gifts. But time is quickly running out for Arvin to find her—and with each passing minute, the House of Serpents slithers closer to destroying their last hope for freedom.
Book 2
The New York Times–bestselling author of Extinction continues her brilliantly original saga about the political intrigues of the serpentine yuan-ti race
With his only friend dead, murdered by Sybil, mind-mage Arvin swears revenge. He sets off on a secret journey to the barony of Sespech, eager to put distance between himself and his old life in the vile City of Serpents. But even this faraway human realm crawls with the yuan-ti—and countless other dangers that regard Arvin’s growing psionic powers with contempt.
Among Sespech’s yuan-ti is Karell, a half-blood with a mission of her own. Her serpent’s eyes are set on Dmetrio, scion of the powerful Extaminos family. They are said to hold the fabled Circled Serpent, an ancient artifact of such immense power that it could destroy the world if it falls into the wrong hands . . .
Book 1
New York Times–bestselling author: When an evil cult forms an alliance with Sybil’s Chosen, the humans of Hlondeth face horrors unlike any other
Enter the mysterious world of Hlondeth, a city populated by the humanoid serpents known as the yuan-ti, and ruled by House Extaminos. This powerful House of Serpents is the ultimate target of The Pox, a human cult whose members worship the goddess of plague and disease. Not only that, but they have begun to work the deadly will of Sybil’s Chosen, a dangerous cabal of yuan-ti who will turn Hlondeth citizens into freakish ‘tainted ones’.

Amid this chaos is a human psionic named Arvin, who suddenly finds himself embroiled in schemes far beyond his understanding. His recruitment to the local thieves guild sends him down a twisted path of danger and corruption, bringing him face to face with the dreaded Pox and the true nature of his psionic powers. Elsewhere, hope emerges in the form of a yuan-ti half-blood, Dediana—the only one who can stop Sibyl and her puppet organization from turning all humans into the slaves of heartless, serpentine masters.

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