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Half Past Danger Series

Stephen Mooney
Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney
Half Past Danger: Dead To Reichs by Stephen Mooney

Half Past Danger Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
In an alternate-history, pulp science fiction-inspired WWII, join an international band of misfits on an over-the-top, two-fisted thriller that finds a world on the brink!

In the world of Half Past Danger, suddenly the time is two minutes ’til midnight: the Nazis have created a bioweapon that could be the end of everything, and all that stands in their way are a hard-drinking Irishman, a British femme fatale, a Japanese ninja with a pet dinosaur, and an American marine who’s literally bulletproof. But conflicts within the group may pose an even greater threat, as loyalties to friends, countries, and ideologies will all be tested.

Stephen Mooney (Grayson, Midnighter) returns to a series near and dear to his heart. His meticulously detailed writing and art create a fully-realized pulp sci-fi world of danger, dames, and dinosaurs, and bring this fan-favorite series to a well-earned conclusion.
Book 1
Summer, 1943, and in the midst of a war waged by monsters, Staff Sergeant Tommy “Irish” Flynn never expected to encounter a real one. But on a remote island in the South Pacific theatre, Flynn and his squad come face-to-fanged-face with creatures long thought dead. As the world falls apart, a unique set of characters come together: An embittered Irishman in a war not his own, a beautiful and enigmatic British agent, a U.S. Marine Captain with incredible resilience and a secret, and a mysterious operative from the land of the Rising Sun, all served up in a stew of piping-hot Nazi intrigue. History meets Prehistory in this two-fisted race against time. And there ain’t no time like Half Past Danger!

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