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G.I. JOE RAH Series

Found in Graphic Novels & Manga
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Vol. 25 - Untold Tales by Larry Hama
Available on (12-28-21)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Vol. 25 – Untold Tales

Book 25

G.I. JOE RAH Series : Titles in Order

Book 25
You think you’ve seen it all, but these stories reveal never-before-told adventures of your favorite heroes and villains. Plus, join the JOEs on a different type of adventure, a murder-mystery!

Take a look behind some of the most important moments in G.I. JOE history through the eyes of some of your favorite characters and join brand-new JOEs Sherlock, Black Hat, Multo, Caseload, and Bottom Line in all-new adventures!

Join Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Stalker, and Torpedo in a desperate mission to Crucial Abysmia; experience the counter-assault in The Pit with MP Law and his sidekick Order; feel the frigid temperatures of Frusenland with Snow Job, Blizzard, Iceberg, Cover Girl, Frostbite, and Lowlight; fly with Ace and Slip Stream on a mission against the Terror Drome; and be wary of the bespectacled, beautiful, brilliant, and bombastic Baroness!

Then, in the aftermath of the chaotic events of “Snake Hunt,” the JOEs are in a tough spot with the brass in Washington, D.C. Called to testify before a confidential sub-committee intent on investigating the off-the-books mission, a small group of JOEs find themselves embroiled in an entirely different kind of investigation… the murder/mystery kind, in “Murder by Assassination!”
Collects G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero issues #276-285 by Living Legend Larry Hama and artists Netho Diaz, Brian Shearer, Dan Schoening, Alex Sanchez, Ron Joseph, and Andrew Griffith.
Book 24
The hunt is on for Snake Eyes in this epic tale that will feature every living JOE, including never-before-seen origin stories!

When the original Snake Eyes lost his life battling the forces of evil, Sean Collins (aka Throwdown) took up the mysterious mantle to deny Cobra a moral victory in their long-running war against G.I. JOE. But Cobra Commander–not realizing the original Snake Eyes’ memories and skills are now implanted in the mind and body of Dawn Moreno–has never given up his desire to remove the legendary ninja from his enemies, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen, including kidnapping and brainwashing Sean Collins and making him part of Cobra! Can G.I. Joe save Sean from the dark clutches of Cobra before it’s too late?!

Written by living legend Larry Hama and featuring the long-awaited return of artist Robert Atkins to the pages of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, “Snake Hunt” is a star-studded 10-part event that will feature EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF G.I. JOE!

Collects issues #266-275 of the G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero series.
Book 23
Picking up where the classic comic series left off, longtime fans can continue following the adventures of their favorite characters from the legendary toy line of the 1980s.

As Cobra continues its relentless onslaught on a global scale, G.I. Joe is there to meet them in kind. It’s tyranny versus freedom–heroes and villains will rise and fall, bullets will fly, blood will spill, and who and what remains when the smoke clears is anyone’s guess! A hostile takeover turns into a desperate fight for survival when Destro and Baroness are caught in a deadly ambush by Revanche Robotic’s Alpha 001 Prime, who has declared war on M.A.R.S. and the Arashikage Clan!

Collects issues #261-265.
Book 20
Picking up where the classic comic series left off, longtime fans can continue following the adventures of their favorite characters from the legendary toy line of the 1980s.

While opposing forces–both good and evil–battle to control the young ninja, Dawn Moreno, she fights her own personal war within her fragile mind… one that will change the pages of G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO forever! It’s the dawning of a new age, where old meets new, bloody past collides with an even bloodier present… and an ALL-NEW SNAKE-EYES RISES FROM THE ASHES! Collects the storyline “Dawn of the Arashikage” from issues #246-250 of A Real American Hero.
Book 17
The classic A Real American Hero continues from writer Larry Hama! Duke reckons with the most difficult choice of his life… while COBRA scrambles to contain the dangerous new agent in their midst! Collects issues #231-235.
Book 12
G.I. JOE faces a force unlike anything they’ve ever encountered before… and the only way to control it is by reviving Serpentor, the Cobra Emperor himself! But bringing him backs sets into motion drastic events that lead to the death of the original Ninja Commando! The Death of Snake Eyes begins here!
Book 10
With COBRA on the run and the Pit in shambles, Duke leads the team into a brave, new era, as new teams are formed and G.I. JOE finds another base of operations. Plus, Torpedo leads a dangerous G.I. JOE rescue mission in Olliestan.
Book 7
A Real American Hero continues as Larry Hama brings you more G.I. JOE excitement! Darklon, Destro, Duke, Hawk, and Jinx all feature as the action ranges from Benzheen to secret unknown locales.
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