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Lost Empires Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
Faces of Deception by Troy Denning
The Lost Library of Cormanthyr by Mel Odom
Star of Cursrah by Clayton Emery

Lost Empires Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The third installment in a series that uncovers the secrets of the ancient civilizations of the Forgotten Realms world
Lurking in the ruins of the Cursrah is a horrific tale of greed, power, and revenge. The Protector crawls forth, the shade of a dead city whose rulers refuse to die.

In two distant epochs, the stories of young adventurers unfold: Craving excitement, a tomboyish princess disobeys her mother’s orders to explore the countryside with her two male companions. Their journey closely mirrors that of Amber, Hakiim, and Reiver, a trio of friends living one thousand years in the future.
Though separated by time, both parties of adventurers learn of a dreadful destiny they cannot escape . . . and of a deadly threat to all they hold dear. Why did Cursrah fall? Who was the Star of Cursrah? And how can a long-dead city threaten the modern realm of Calimshan? Uncover the secrets for yourself—if you dare.
Book 2
Guided by the goddess of beauty, an ugly nobleman ventures to the Utter East in search of a cure for his facial deformities
Atreus of Erlkazar has always been hidden from his powerful family’s enemies, concealed behind the hideous mask of his own face. The result of a wayward spell that distorted his features, Atreus’ ugliness is a curse he has borne since he was just a child—and one he has spent his entire life trying to break. He is driven to find a way past his own flesh, into a soul torn between destiny and love.
In an ironic twist of fate, he becomes an acolyte of Sune, the goddess of beauty. Under her command, he embarks on an impossible mission to the mysterious country of Langdarma, where the magical waters of the Fountain of Infinite Grace await him. Deep in these ancient valleys of the enigmatic Utter East, Atreus will finally look into . . . the faces of deception.
Book 1
Indiana Jones meets Dungeons & Dragons in this action-packed series opener about the secrets of the lost, ancient Forgotten Realms world

Is the Library of Cormanthyr just a myth? Or does it still stand . . . somewhere in the most ancient corners of Faerûn?

An intrepid human explorer sets out to find the truth and what starts as an archaeological expedition soon becomes a race against time as an undying avenger is determined to protect the secrets of the ancient, xenophobic elven empire of Cormanthyr.

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