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The Lady Penitent Series

Lisa Smedman
Ascendancy of the Last by Lisa Smedman
Sacrifice of the Widow by Lisa Smedman
Storm of the Dead by Lisa Smedman

The Lady Penitent Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
New York Times–bestselling author: The shocking conclusion to a trilogy that will change the Forgotten Realms forever
Lolth has come out of hibernation with a plan that may be too ambitious even for her. To pull it off, she’ll need the help of former drow priestess Halisstra Melarn, who has betrayed her at least once already—and who Lolth transformed into the abominable Lady Penitent. Will this risky gambit be the end of Lolth and her demonic servant?
Book 2
It’s drow god vs. drow god in this thrilling second installment of the Lady Penitent series

When drow goddesses Lolth and Eilistraee sit down to a game of sava, they play for control of the dark elves of Faerûn and their own immortality. Unable to resist such high stakes, Kiaransalee—the goddess of the dead and of vengeance—asks to join the fray, turning the game into an even more cutthroat race for power.
Though the goddesses’ drow pawns will survive the game, the very nature of what it means to be a dark elf may change forever.
Book 1
A new chapter in the War of the Spider Queen saga begins in this spin-off series featuring priestess Halisstra Melarn
Goddesses vie for the souls of people.
Halisstra Melarn—former companion of Quenthel Baenre and convert to the cause of the goddess Eilistraee—was sent to the deepest depths of the Outer Planes to kill the demon goddess she once worshiped: Lolth, the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, the Spider Queen. Instead, Halisstra was transformed into a hideous creature bent to the vengeful will of her former mistress.
Lolth not only survived her Silence but evolved into something greater than she was before—something that no longer needs to share the domain she calls her own. Could it be that the War of the Spider Queen has only now just begun?

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