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The Moonshae Trilogy Series

Douglas Niles
Black Wizards by Douglas Niles
Darkwalker on Moonshae by Douglas Niles
Darkwell by Douglas Niles

The Moonshae Trilogy Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Tristan and Robyn prepare for a battle against evil—and possibly each other—in this conclusion to the first Forgotten Realms trilogy ever published
Newly crowned king of the Ffolk of the Moonshae Isles, Tristan Kendrick must unite the many peoples of his realms for one final battle against the evil that threatens them. Meanwhile, Robyn the druid faces a sinister power that has infested the very land itself.
With enemies on all sides and danger lurking in every shadow, Robyn and Tristan must decide if their paths forward are one—or if their powers and alliances will divide them. Time is running out, and the future of the beloved Moonshae Isles depend on Robyn and Tristan. Will they come together to rule as king and queen, or will they separate as bitter enemies?
Book 2
Sinister forces once again threaten the Isles of Moonshae in this classic Forgotten Realms tale of adventure and magic
A council of evil sorcerers has overpowered the High King. Among them is Bhaal, a mysterious and vicious figure who stands for death and destruction and commands an army of zombies and ogres.
The Forgotten Realms are under attack, and it falls to the young druid Robyn and prince Tristan to assume their birthrights. As they struggle to comprehend their new powers, the two join forces with the mystical children of the Goddess to protect their home from the darkness.
Book 1
The very first Forgotten Realms novel ever published—and an exciting introduction to the kingdom of Corwell in the Moonshae Isles
The evil beast Kazgaroth wages war against the peaceful balance of the Earthmother, goddess of the Isles of Moonshae. The beast’s relentless army of giant Firbolgs, dread Bloodriders, and other vicious creatures are a force to be reckoned with—and only young Tristan Kendrick, heir to the legacy of the High Kings, can stand in their way.
However, Tristan is more interested in hunting, drinking, and revelry than heroism, and the realms are in grave danger. Can Tristan rise to the mantel of his legacy to unite forces of good and to save his home from evil?

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