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The Minotaur Wars Series

Richard A. Knaak
Empire of Blood by Richard A. Knaak
Tides of Blood by Richard A. Knaak
Night of Blood by Richard A. Knaak

The Minotaur Wars Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Faros is Krynn’s last hope against the plague that threatens to destroy it in this final title in the Minotaur Wars trilogy

The War of Souls has ended, but Krynn is still rife with conflict. The elven land of Silvanesti is no more, replaced by the minotaur colony of Ambeon. And in Nethosak, new emperor sits on the throne, his dark Protectors backed by the magic of the Forerunners.

Resistance to the empire is all but crushed. The rebellion’s last hope, Faros, struggles with personal demons. But when he is unexpectedly bolstered by the very gods he has renounced, the legitimate heir rises up against terriyfing obstacles, both all too real and fantastical. A plague of abominations descends upon Faros’s forces as they storm the capital—forcing a memorable showdown with the evil usurpers.
Book 2
War rages and rebellion brews in this second installment of a thrilling trilogy set in Krynn’s minotaur empire 

As the War of Souls engulfs Ansalon, the minotaur empire makes an alliance with the ogre realm. Side by side, they invade the stricken elven kingdom of Silvanesti, leaving blood and devastation in their wake. Caught up in a violent rush of rampaging, conquering, and enslaving, the minotaur Emperor Hotak ignores ominous signs of trouble within his realm. The rebel faction has grown formidable.

From the savage mining camps of the ogres rises an escaped minotaur slave with no ambitions of his own, save survival. He is a scion of the imperial bloodline, and his course of action will push the empire to the brink of anarchy . . . and with it, the rest of Krynn.
Book 1
New York Times–bestselling author: This follow-up to the popular War of Souls trilogy chronicles the adventures of the minotaurs as they are caught up in chaos and changing destinies

The War of Souls has come to Krynn and touched every land, every race. In the minotaur empire, a terrible coup—the Night of Blood—brings power to a new ruling clan and elevates the usurper General Hotak. He owes his might to a pact forged with the ancient enemies of the horned empire and the aid of his consort. A priestess and gifted necromancer, Hotak’s right-hand woman has the ghosts of Krynn under her thumb, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to see their leader’s dreams of conquest come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Hotak’s nephew races to find a way to put an end to his uncle’s tyranny, while a general mounts his own rebellion with a rag-tag band of minotaurs. As Krynn devolves further into chaos, the struggle for power and riches spawns the Minotaur Wars—and threatens to sweep across the entire continent of Ansalon.

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