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The Nobles Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
King Pinch by David Cook
The Council of Blades by Paul Kidd
The Mage in the Iron Mask by Brian Thomsen

The Nobles Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
Elminster becomes ensared in the schemes of a powerful witch-queen who will stop at nothing to bear the heir she longs for
The Simbul, Storm-queen of Aglarond, is unhappy. Though she has triumphed over her enemies, she lacks an heir to the throne—a child to love and nurture. But now she’s found the perfect father for her child: Elminster, the old mage of Shadowdale. All she has to do is win his consent.
The Simbul has the perfect gift with which to accomplish this: A mysterious colt called Zandilar’s Dancer. Unfortunately, the colt belongs to Ebroin of the Cha’Tel’Quessir. And getting it away from him won’t be easy, even for the Simbul . . .
Book 5
A deadly new weapon may change the nature of war forever in this fifth installment in the Nobles series
War cares little for the troubles of the aristocracy—as a motley crew of nobles and commoners, humans and other creatures are about to find out. Though the city states of Sumbria and Colletro, warring regions of the Blade Kingdom, have reached a truce, the battle is not yet over.
As a terrible new weapon obliterates the age of courtly battle, an intelligent princess with burgeoning magical powers—along with an addled young inventor and kleptomaniac firebird—finds herself forced into a battle for survival in a world far deadlier than the one she has known.
Book 4
A noble scholar visiting Mulmaster gets more than enough material for his research when he becomes entrapped in the city’s political games

The city of Mulmaster, nicknamed the City of Danger, is run down and teeming with corruption and crime. Unfortunately, it is also the next stop on Volothamp Geddarm’s—minor wizard and esteemed traveling scholar—research trip for his upcoming Guide to the Monsoon. 
The deadly city may become Volo’s final resting place when a rescue mission embroils Volo in a sinister plot that threatens the tenuous political stability of all Faerûn. Volo’s calling may be to stand as an impartial scholar—but with danger and evil around every corner, he must go beyond his usual duties to protect himself, his friends, and the realms.
Book 3
To rescue a missing noble, one brave man must venture deep into a vast labyrinth created by a crazed wizard—a place from which very few escape

Long ago, a dark wizard created a vast and deadly labyrinth beneath the city of Waterdeep, a labyrinth from which escape is nigh impossible. Now, the subterranean prison is home to creatures both human and otherwise—and to a missing noble who has been lost beneath the ground.
Trapped in his own prison, Artek the Knife is offered release if he is able to recover the nobleman from the twisting dungeon beneath Waterdeep. Everyone knows that getting inside the mysterious Undermountain is treacherous—and getting out is assuredly deadly. But for Artek and Beckla, a small time wizard who joins the mission, the risk is worth the reward.
Book 2
Accompany a colorful cast of new characters as they battle to the death—and beyond—against a nefarious wizard and an evil unlike any they have seen before

Zaranda Star never intended to bring the incessant Tethyrian Civil War to a head. All she planned to do was take a caravan of goods into the war-torn capital—but then the ambitious would-be king, Baron Hardly, confiscated her shipment. Little does he know, Zaranda is a retired warrior and wizard—and she isn’t one to turn the other cheek.
Marshaling a motley company of an adolescent mage named Scab and an orcish paladin, Zaranda declares her own private war. But she alone must reckon with the machinations of the mysterious wizard Nyadnar—and the unearthly evil that lurks deep within the city of Zazesspur.
Book 1
A common thief may be the heir to the throne in this first adventure in the Nobles series
Pinch, a scoundrel and a rogue of indeterminate birth, looks out for himself and his band of thieving comrades, thinking only of his next heist. However, as political turmoil strikes the land, Pinch’s simple days of thievery and adventure may be coming to a close.
Manferic III, the former ruler of Ankhapur and Pinch’s guardian, has died, leaving behind no clear heir to his throne. By ancient law, the crown will pass to the relative “chosen by the cup”—a family relic—in a ceremony whereby the rightful heir is selected and pretenders and other rejected candidates meet their deaths.
Pinch’s outlaw days have prepared him for life in mean streets. But is he ready for the dangers that lurk in courtly hallways, among royal relatives and dagger-bearing shadows?

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