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Ongoing (2012-2014) Series

Found in Graphic Novels & Manga
Ghostbusters Volume 4: Who Ya Gonna Call? by Erik Burnham
Ghostbusters Volume 8: Mass Hysteria Part 1 by Erik Burnham
Ghostbusters Volume 9: Mass Hysteria Part 2 by Erik Burnham

Ongoing (2012-2014) Series : Titles in Order

Book 9
A chaotic presence promises unheard of catastrophe for New York City, and the Ghostbusters are at a loss for how to deal with it. Will the team have to make a deal with the devil to save the day? Find out in the conclusion to “Mass Hysteria”!
Book 8
A Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary celebration that will shake the boys and girls in grey to their core!

Gozer the Gozerian, the Destructor, was once drawn to Manhattan, but could not complete his work. That’s the good news. The bad news is that he isn’t the only god who has taken notice of Earth. Collects issues #13–16.
Book 7
A busy season of holidays has the team needing a rest. It all starts on Devil’s Night with a ghost called Stingy Jack, continues on Day of the Dead with the return of Melanie Ortiz to NYC, a trip to Rhinebeck, NY for a celebration held in honor of Sinterklass, and a visit from the Bogeyman on New Years Day.
Book 6
The original Ghostbusters are back in Manhattan, picking up the pieces of their interrupted lives. Ray and Egon throw themselves into their research, while a decision Janine made when she was busting ghosts comes back to haunt her, and to top all of that a ghost ship roams the waters off Long Island.
Book 5
The Ghostbusters are gone, spirited away by some dastardly demons from another dimension! But spectral shenanigans haven’t ceased in the city that never sleeps, meaning a new group will need to step up and don the proton packs. Will the New Ghostbusters be able to rescue their predecessors, or will they share the same fate?
Also features all-new Real Ghostbusters back-up stories.
Book 4
The Ghostbusters arrive back in New York, expecting a backlog of cases to clear through. Instead, things are strangely quiet on the supernatural front, and it’s all thanks to the city’s newest paranormal investigation and elimination service! But the science behind their methods is making Egon nervous. Can the Ghostbusters talk their competition off a potentially dangerous road?

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