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Prism Pentad Series

Troy Denning
The Amber Enchantress by Troy Denning
The Cerulean Storm by Troy Denning
The Obsidian Oracle by Troy Denning

Prism Pentad Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
Will Athas return to its former verdant glory—or is it destined to remain a wasteland of cruel, desolate deserts?

Rajat, the First Sorcerer, was betrayed by his champions at the moment of his paramount victory. As the only one who can return Athas to its verdant splendor, it is crucial that someone rescue him from his prison beyond space and time.

But when Tithian of Tyr leads his former slaves to free the ancient sorcerer, some question his motives. Does he want to restore the world to its former glory—or to merely claim it as his own, like all the sorcerer-kings before him? But before they can discover the truth, gladiators Rikus and Neeva, along with the elven enchantress Sadira, must conquer their own forgotten passions—a trial that proves more perilous than battling the Dragon and his enchanted fleets.
Book 4
Two former friends seek a powerful ancient oracle—one for good; one for evil—in this fourth Prism Pentad novel that explores the harsh world of Dark Sun
The Dark Lens is an ancient oracle that can harvest the magic of the sun, hidden by the last dwarven knights for the sake of a new world. With it, Tithian of Tyr can evolve into a true sorcerer-king.
Only Agis of Asticles, who covets the lens to destroy the Dragon Borys, stands between Tithian and his desire. For either man to survive the quest, the hatred between them must be vanquished. If not, they risk falling prey to the beast-headed giants who guard the Obsidian Oracle.
Book 3
When a dragon bears down on the world of Athas, an elven enchantress is forced to team up with the last person she ever expected: her traitorous father
Borys, the Dragon of Athas, was born of magic and is sustained by the agony of the doomed. For one thousand years, he has terrorized the desert wastes of Athas, roaming from city to city in pursuit of his gruesome levy—the lives of thousands of slaves.
The winsome enchantress Sadira now stands ready to challenge him.
But to do so, she must reach the Pristine Tower, the forgotten citadel still smoldering with the incredible magic that spawned the Dragon. Only one man can help her: her elven father, the man who sold her into slavery so long ago. Before the journey ends, Sadira must find a way to forgive his betrayal—or give herself over to the dark forces that still dwell within the Pristine Tower.
Book 2
With Tyr’s most vile enemy dead, a new tyrannical ruler takes his place in this second Prism Pentad novel set in the post-apocalyptic world of Dark Sun
After a millennium of sorrow, the city of Tyr has cast off the yoke of the brutal sorcerer-king Kalak. The new ruler, Tithian of Mericies, has liberated the slaves—and plunged the city into chaos. In a cruel twist of fate, Tyr’s triumph may very well become its death knell.
Only Rikus, the man-dwarf gladiator who sparked the rebellion against Kalak, can save Tyr from its new enemy: the invading armies of Urik, a neighboring city that seeks to conquer Tyr and its Iron Mines. With a ragtag militia of nobles, templars, and former slaves, Rikus must stand against Urik’s forces and their evil leader. But strength of arm does not necessarily make a good general—as Rikus will learn before the conflict is over.
Book 1
Return to the apocalyptic deserts of the Dark Sun world as unlikely heroes spark a revolution against an evil sorcerer-king

For thousands of years, the devil sorcerer King Kalak has used vile magic to drain Athas of its precious life-force. Now, his reign is coming to an end—though the city of Tyr, like the rest of the world, is nothing more than a magic-blasted ruin and a desolate place of dust, blood, and fear. All that’s left is desperation—and revolution.

Leading this revolution against Kalak are a maverick statesman, a winsome half-elf slave girl, and a man-dwarf gladiator bred for the arenas. But if the people are to be freed, the mismatched trio of steadfast rebels must look into the face of terror and choose between love and life.

First introduced in 1991, Troy Denning’s post-apocalyptic world of Athas remains one of the most talked-about and fan-requested settings in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Now, a new generation of readers can discover the magic-blasted deserts of the unforgettable Dark Sun . . .

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