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Preludes Series

Found in Epic Fantasy
Kendermore by Mary Kirchoff
Tanis the Shadow Years by Barbara Siegel
Flint the King by Mary Kirchoff

Preludes Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
The sixth and final book in the Preludes series follows Tanis Half-Elven on a dangerous adventure through time and memory
The tale is told that Tanis Half-Elven once disappeared in the mountains near Solace. He returned changed, ennobled—and with a secret. No one knew what happened to him in those mist-shrouded peaks. Until now.
Accompanied by his new dwarf acquaintance, Clotnik, Tanis chases after information about his mysterious and long-dead father. His search leads him to Kishpa, a dying, lovesick mage who holds the answers to Tanis’ burning questions—but who needs Tanis’ help first. So begins a wild adventure in which Tanis becomes a traveler in Kishpa’s memory, journeying into the past to fight an impossible battle against time itself.
Book 5
When Flint Fireforge becomes the reluctant king of the gully dwarves, he learns the true meaning of heroism and leadership

Flint Fireforge, paternal dwarven member of the Heroes of the Lance, returns to his sleepy boyhood village in the foothills near Solace to investigate his brother’s murder. Upon his arrival, he finds Hillhome unexpectedly booming with commerce. But when he stumbles upon the ominous source of this prosperity—an alliance with an enemy dwarf race—he is pushed to the death in the Beast Pit.
Even more unexpectedly, the gully dwarves and an interesting—and interested—female dwarf come to his rescue. Made their monarch against his will, Flint struggles to unite the scruffy dwarves into one fighting force that will not only thwart the agents of the Dark Queen but help him bring his brother’s killer to justice.
Book 4
Desperate to win the hand of his chieftan’s daughter, Riverwind embarks on a dangerous mission to find the fabled Blue Crystal Staff 

To prove himself worthy of his great love, Goldmoon, Riverwind is sent on an impossible quest by the elders of the Que-Shu tribe: Find evidence of the true gods.
With an eccentric soothsayer named Catchflea, Riverwind falls down a magical shaft, and alights in a world of slavery, sorcery, and rebellion. As Riverwind, Catchflea, and a resourceful elf-girl find their way to Xak Tsaroth—and discover the Blue Crystal Staff of Miashakal—they are stalked by fate and prophecy. For it is said that one of them will go mad, one will die, and one will find glory.
Book 3
Twins Raistlin and Caramon investigate a frightening string of disappearances and murders in this prequel novel to the Dragonlance Chronicles
Darkness and unrest are growing. People disappear in the night, and there are rumors of foul forces at work. To this land caught in the grips of a nameless terror come Raistlin and Caramon Majere, two brothers—one a wizard, one a warrior—who are trying to eke out a living on the backroads of Ansalon. Desperate for money, they agree to take on a job in the backwater village of Mereklar, where a series of disappearances has sent everyone into a panic.
A beautiful noblewoman persuades Raistlin, Caramon, and their kender companion, Earwig Lockpicker, to search for the missing. But what starts out as an intriguing mystery turns sinister when the town’s leading citizens are murdered by what appears to be a violent feline beast.
A ball of string, an ancient legend, and three magically glowing lines lead the twins to the truth—and to a confrontation with a deadily foe. On the fabled Night of the Eye, Raistlin will supposedly acquire great magical power . . . and he’ll need it if he is to survive.
Book 2
Beloved kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot encounters marriage, magic, monsters, and mayhem in this Preludes novel set before the War of the Lance

While carousing at the Inn of the Last Home, carefree kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot is snared by a bounty hunter whose assignment is to ensure the return of the light-fingered escape artist to his homeland. It seems his beloved Uncle Trapspringer is being held prisoner by the venerable council of elders—until Tas honors Kender marriage tradition, that is.
But before he can say “I do,” Tasslehoff’s betrothed pulls a disappearing act of her own. The race is on to see who gets dragged to the altar first. But not only must Tas dodge matrimony, he must elude a capricious wizard set on pickling one of every creature on Krynn, cheer up the last existing woolly mammoth, foil a most determined and deadly assassin, and—in the end—save Kendermore.
Book 1
Five years before the War of the Lance engulfs Krynn, Sturm and Kitiara embark on a wild adventure of magic, power, and love
The Companions have gone their separate ways, each vowing to return with news of the growing darkness in Ansalon. Sturm Brightblade, a warrior whose honor is his life, and Kitiara, a passionate woman of uncertain loyalties, travel north in search of Sturm’s long-lost father.

Before they reach their destination, a band of gnomes begs for their help. But nothing with gnomes ever goes as planned, and the two adventurers find themselves crash-landed on, of all places, Lunitari.
The red moon of neutrality is a desolate place of wonder and dangers—of tree-people ruled by a mad monarch; giant ants formed of living crystals; and a mysterious brass dragon dwelling in an obelisk. Together, the honor-bound Solamnic Knight and the remarkable warrior-woman must embark on a perilous adventure that will take them beyond the realms of Ansalon, through love and hate, to darkness and light.

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