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Rom Series

Found in Graphic Novels & Manga
Rom, Vol. 1: Earthfall by Christos Gage
Rom, Vol. 2: Reinforcements by Christos Gage; Chris Ryall; David Messina; Paolo Villanelli
Rom, Vol. 3: Long Roads to Ruin by Chris Ryall & Christos Gage; David Messina; Paolo Villanelli

Rom Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Rom now has help in his war against the Dire Wraiths in the form of additional Solstar Knights and super-powered human allies both… so why is the battle going from bad to worse? The Wraiths’ master plan grows and Rom can’t even see it, let alone find any way to stop it. Collects issues #10-14.
Book 2
Rom is more alone than ever in his fight against the Dire Wraiths? Or is he? Introducing two armored faces very familiar to Rom… but whose side are they on? Collects issues #5–9 and the origin of Rom in the 2017 Annual.
Book 1
Far away, in another galaxy, the knights of the Solstar Order, defenders of justice and truth, were ambushed by the evil magicians, the Dire Wraiths. In the end, the Solstar Order prevailed and began seeking out its scattered enemies. One of these knights has followed the trail of the Dire Wraiths all the way to Earth. This knight, the one the Dire Wraiths fear more than all others has hounded them and kept them underground for centuries and could wipe them off the face of creation. He is ROM, Lord of the Solstar Order, Rom, the Wraithslayer. Collects issues #0–4 and Rom: Revolution #1.

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