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Sword of the Gods Series

Bruce R. Cordell
Sword of the Gods by Bruce R. Cordell
Spinner of Lies by Bruce R. Cordell

Sword of the Gods Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
A quest for love and a quest for justice take Demascus on a journey unlike any other in this second and final Sword of the Gods novel

Memories of his past incarnations haunt Demascus, even as he searches for stolen portraits that contain the trapped souls of demigods. Meanwhile, drow creep beneath the city of Airspur, intent on precipitating war between Akanûl and a rival nation. As Demascus attempts to win freedom from the ghost of his murdered lover, he agrees to thwart the drow’s secret scheme—sending him on a trail that stretches between the Demonweb, Airspur, and an island that appears on no map.
Spinner of Lies is a sequel to Sword of the Gods, and is also tied to the Rise of the Underdark, an event that will have bold, sweeping ramifications across—and under—the Forgotten Realms.

Book 1
With no memory of his past, a lone hero must fight two battles—one to understand his identity and one to defeat the demon that now plagues Faerûn
Demascus wakes up on the cold stone slab of an ancient altar. He doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know where he’s from. He doesn’t even know his own name until a stranger tells it to him. But someone—or something—wants to kill him. This he knows with the certainty of the grave.
At the same time, a demon from a dead universe—a gift from the Chained God—is freed from its fossilized prison. Its essence takes root in the nightmare reality of the living, sparking a transformation once thought halted by forgotten heroes.

Dodging knives, uncovering clues left by his past life, and dueling demons, Demascus must figure out who he is, who his enemies are, and what battles he is fighting. Along the way, he will discover that he is the last of the forgotten heroes—the only thing that stands between the light of the world and the phantasmagorical torments of the Abyss.

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