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Sage of Shadowdale Series

Ed Greenwood
Elminster Must Die by Ed Greenwood
Bury Elminster Deep by Ed Greenwood
Elminster Enraged by Ed Greenwood

Sage of Shadowdale Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Elminster meets danger and ridicule at every turn as he desperately defends the legacy of the goddess Mystra, mother of magic
Commanded by the vestige of Mystra to work together, Manshoon and Elminster engage instead in a ferocious battle that sends the Sage plummeting into the Underdark as a cloud of ashes. Weakened but committed to the task set out for him, Elminster sets forth to rally Cormyr’s Wizards of War.
Along the way, the great mage seeks blueflame items to mend the immense rifts throughout the realms and thus prevent the ancient Primordials from rising and unleashing their rage. However, evil lies at every turn, and Elminster’s sworn enemy, Mansoon, has plans of his own. He wants to conquer Cormyr, become its new Emperor—and hunt down the Sage’s clones. The battles are fiercer than ever, the stakes have never been higher, and the fate of Cormyr is on the line.
Book 2
A weakened but determined Elminster seeks new followers for the mother of magic, hoping to restore the balance of good and evil
After a vicious battle with his vampiric archenemy, the Lord Manshoon, Elminster is charged by the spirit of Mystra to locate new trustworthy followers to uphold her legacy. It is up to Elminster to preserve magic however he can and to keep the art of enchantment alive.
Severely weakened from his ordeals, Elminster elicits the unlikely help of Amarune Whitewave, a rogue sometimes known as the Secret Shadow. Joined by other adventurers along the way, the two embark on a quest to defeat Manshoon and save the Forgotten Realms.

Book 1
The once-immortal Elminster Aumar faces old age and old enemies in this epic first installment in the Sage of Shadowdale series
The great mage Elminster is now an old man, surrounded by enemies and dreaming of the noble adventures of his youth. Once a wizard more powerful than any other—immortal, and beloved of the goddess of magic—Elminster’s world was torn asunder by the murder of Mystra and the mayhem of enchantments her death triggered throughout the realms.
Weary, weakened, and with little magical ability, Elminster and his lover, Simbul, are in grave danger: he, from his many enemies and she, from her own insatiable need to consume magical items—or lose lucidity forever. Unfortunately, their ever-growing and increasingly risky collection has the power to lead Elminster’s enemies right to his door.

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