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Song & Swords Series

Elaine Cunningham
Elfshadow by Elaine Cunningham
The Dream Spheres by Elaine Cunningham
Thornhold by Elaine Cunningham

Song & Swords Series : Titles in Order

Book 5
Return to the City of Splendors—where even dreams can be bought and sold for the right price—in this Song & Swords series finale
The famed city of Waterdeep brims with magic and mystery, and everything imaginable is for sale. In this melting pot of human wizards, elves, dwarves, and more, even dreams can be purchased if one is willing to pay the price—and many are unable to resist the temptation, no matter the danger.
So when the sale of dream spheres threatens the life of his newfound half sister, Danilo Thann joins forces with Airlyn Moonblade to uncover the source of this deadly trade. Their search leads them into the dark heart of Waterdeep, and to personal secrets that could destroy them both.
Book 4
When a distant family secret threatens the Harpers and the city of Waterdeep, it falls to one rogue agent to save them all
A new Zhentarim threat lurks in the shadows of Waterdeep and all is not well in the City of Splendors. The roguish Harper agent Bronwyn Caradoon—a part-time adventurer with knowledge of ancient texts and lore and a penchant for counterfeit jewels—is challenged with a quest that becomes deeply personal.
For the good of the city, Bronwyn is sent by Archmage Khelben Arunsun on a mission to meet her long-lost father and reclaim her bloodline’s dangerous heritage. She uncovers a family secret that threatens to destroy not only Bronwyn, but the Harpers themselves—and thus learns of the deep connection between her people and all of the races in the realms.

Thornhold is the fourth book in the Song & Sword series and the sixteenth book in the Harpers series.
Book 3
Half-elf Arilyn Moonblade must come to terms with the truth of her magical sword—and the destiny that awaits her
Half-elven warrior Arilyn Moonblade’s sword has long held fascination for entities throughout the realms. For Arilyn herself, this fascination is tinged with a deep fear of the elfshadow, the essence of her sword’s magic. When she learns the terrible truth behind her inherited moonblade, she vows to find a way to escape her fate.

What begins as a means to an end becomes a deeply personal commitment as Arilyn seeks wisdom from the elves of Evermeet and becomes entangled in the battles of a band of forest elves. Determined to succeed in her quest—both to win the freedom of the forest elves and to meet her own true destiny—Arilyn will risk all she holds dear.
Book 2
A mysterious spell threatens the history and legacy of the realms in this second installment in the Song & Swords series
The bards of Waterdeep are known far and wide for their powerful ability to remember the past and to protect the sanctity and ancient history of the realms. But now, a dark spell is threatening the skills they so cherish, and even as the bards sing their ballads, their memories are dangerously altered.
Danilo Thann, Harper and would-be bard, sets out to uncover the mystery and preserve the integrity of his kind. His quest leads him to people and places he never imagined—including the rouge elf Elaith Craulnober, his deadliest enemy and now his newfound companion. They must set aside their differences and come together for the sake of their homeland, for at stake is not merely the future of Faerûn but also its past.
Book 1
An undercover agent and a half-elf assassin join forces to bring a killer to justice in this first installment of the Song & Sword series, set in the Forgotten Realms

Silent death stalks the Harpers of Faerûn, a semi-secret society dedicated to preserving justice and peace in the Realms. One by one, the Harpers are falling to the blade of an enigmatic killer—and every victim has associations with Arilyn Moonblade.

A half-elven fighter and Harper agent, Arilyn’s surname derives from the magical sword she wields. But even after she’s tasked with finding the murderer, there are many who believe she is the true culprit. Enter Danilo Thann, a bard who joins Arilyn’s quest after they meet in Waterdeep. Though Danilo may play the fool, he is secretly a capable Harper agent and mage—charged with determining Arilyn’s innocence and uncovering the secrets of her powerful moonblade.

Together, the unlikely duo set out to save the Harpers, embarking on a magical, action-packed adventure that launches an exciting new story in the Forgotten Realms universe.

Elfshadow is also the second book in the Harpers series.

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