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The Empryean Odyssey Series

Thomas M. Reid
The Crystal Mountain by Thomas M. Reid
The Gossamer Plain by Thomas M. Reid
The Fractured Sky by Thomas M. Reid

The Empryean Odyssey Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Heaven comes to the depths of Hell in this final Empyrean Odyssey adventure starring half-demon Kaanyr Vhok and his succubus lover, Aliisza
Having escaped from his gilded cage in Heaven into the claws of demons, the half-fiend ruler Kaanyr Vhok is finally in position to exact revenge on his angel captors.
Meanwhile, the succubus Aliisza—an escaped prisoner herself—is unsure where her loyalties truly lie. She has betrayed her lover, her son, and the angel who freed her in order to stop the dark plot to kill the goddess Mystra. She failed. Now the goddess is dead, magic is malfunctioning, and Aliisza and her companions are trapped. With nowhere else to turn, she must call upon the angels and demons she has just forsaken. Can she convince them to trust her and work together . . . before they kill each other?
Book 2
War of the Spider Queen favorites Aliisza and Kaanyr Vhok struggle to escape Celestia while bound to a particularly determined angel

Kaanyr Vhok, the half-fiend who once led the Scoured Legion, finds himself exactly where he wanted to be—in the heart of Heaven with his lover and consort. But what he finds is not the Celestia of his dreams. The House of Triad is falling apart, and Vhok is bound by divine oath to the whims of the renegade angel who wants to save it.
Tricked by Vhok into a tortuous imprisonment in Heaven, the succubus Aliisza has learned the folly of depending on demons to keep her best interests at heart. Now, in the heart of a deeply troubled Celestia, she plans to teach her so-called lover the same hard-earned lesson.
Book 1
Join everyone’s favorite succubus and her half-fiend boyfriend—introduced in the War of the Spider Queen series—in the first installment of their own exciting trilogy
Aliisza and Kaanyr Vhok return from their attempted invasion of Menzoberranzan feeling the sting of defeat. No sooner have they licked their wounds than they have set their sights on a different quest: conquer Sundabar, one of the wealthiest military cities in Faerûn and the home of Vhok’s foe. But before Aliisza can complete her mission in that besieged city, she finds herself in the one place a demon would never want to go, no matter how sure she is of her wits and cunning: the very heart of Celestia.
Trapped beyond the gates of heaven, Aliisza reflects upon her past—a past riddled with selfishness and crime—and begins to see the error of her ways. As she learns more about herself, coming more fully into her own, she finds allies where she least expects.

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