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The Secretist Series

Doug Beyer
Return to Ravnica by Doug Beyer
Gatecrash by Doug Beyer
Dragon's Maze by Doug Beyer

The Secretist Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The many guilds of Ravnica are poised to run the Implicit Maze—and unlock the power at its heart—in this final Secretist novel
Stitched into the fabric of Ravnica’s vast metropolis, the Implicit Maze is the legacy of an ancient guildmaster—and the dragon Niv-Mizzet craves the advantages it could mean for his guild. The goal is obvious: Discover the secret route and complete the maze. But the bickering guilds will never cooperate, and each sends its own champion to claim the prize.
But Jace Beleren believes that the guilds are being tested. The maze hides some deeper truth, and Jace knows that the power balance of Ravnica—and the lives of its denizens—are at stake. Jace’s potential allies have been captured, disgraced, or turned against him. Can he discover the truth behind the maze, while navigating the labyrinth of powerbrokers and conspiracies surrounding it, before the dragon can? Or will dark forces claim its deadly power for themselves?
Book 2
The stakes are higher than ever as Jace races to crack the code of Ravnica’s mysterious Implicit Maze

Confronted with the mystery of the Implicit Maze and the rumblings of a guild war, planeswalker Jace Beleren tried to retreat from the action. But when his elf friend Emmara Tandris is kidnapped by members of the Cult of Rakdos—a ‘thrill kill’ guild looking to curry favor with more powerful guildmasters—he has no choice but to engage.

Jace succeeds in finding Emmara, but the two are now deep into enemy territory, with few options to free themselves. As Jace struggles to get them to safety, he begins to piece together the greater mystery of the Implicit Maze. It’s now a race to see who will unlock its secrets.

Book 1
As a planeswalker investigates an alarming mystery built into the very foundations of Ravnica, he realizes some secrets are better left hidden
Jace Beleren has the power to travel between planes of the Multiverse, but with this gift comes isolation. He is one in a million. He is a planeswalker. And he is on the edge of a mystery that could alter the face of his adopted home—a vast, world-wide city known as Ravnica—forever.

Faced with a magical code that is built into the very foundations of the city-world itself, Jace marches into the numinous depths of Ravnica’s underbelly in search of the promise of powerful magic. What he finds is perhaps more burden than boon. Once buried in past, the code resurfaces as Ravnica’s power-hungry mage guilds—unbound by the Guildpact that had once maintained order—struggle for control of the plane. But in the drive for primacy, there is no neutral ground.

Jace knows that he can’t crack the code on his own, not while the guilds task teams of mages to unravel the mysteries. But he also knows that the danger of the quest is too great to include his friends. As the mystery begins to unravel, the choice may not be his alone.

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