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Year of Rogue Dragons Series

Richard Lee Byers
The Rage by Richard Lee Byers
The Ruin by Richard Lee Byers
The Rite by Richard Lee Byers

Year of Rogue Dragons Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Madness takes hold, enemy victory is within reach, and forgotten secrets are revealed in this final installment in The Year of the Rogue Dragons
Rogue dragons become heroes when a millennia-old curse is revealed. But knowing the cause of a disease and curing it are two very different things—especially when most of the victims would rather not be cured at all. With Dorn Graybrook and his team no closer to breaking the curse, it seems evil spellcaster Sammaster is even closer to victory.
In the farthest reaches of the northern lands lies the key to the Rage. There, the dragons meet at a ruined citadel to decide the fate of their mighty race. It is a vicious debate between good and evil—between those who wish to keep the magic of the curse alive and those who wish to break it. For Dorn, ending the curse has become less a mission of duty than of love, and that only makes it more vital succeed.
Book 2
The horde of mad dragons continues to terrorize the realms—bringing all of Faerûn to the edge of cataclysm—in this second adventure starring dragonslayer Dorn Graybrook
Rampaging dragons appear in more and more places every day. And if the soulless lich Sammaster gets his way—and there’s every reason to suspect he will—the disaster has only just begun. To defeat him and his curse of madness, the dragons must pay a steep price: their immortal souls in exchange for an eternity of undeath.
The knowledge of that unavoidable truth may cause more madness among the dragons of Faerûn than the curse itself. For the dragonslayer Dorn Graybrook, a dragon is a dragon—whether or not it has skin. But what if it wears the skin of a woman he may just be falling in love with?
Book 1
In this first adventure in the Year of the Rogue Dragon series, the world’s dragons—both good and evil—succumb to a curse that will devastate the realms

Renegade dragon hunter Dorn Graybrook hates dragons with a passion few can believe, let alone match. He has devoted his entire life—a life spent in the twisted body of a half-golem—to killing every dragon he can find.

You might feel the same way if one of them had killed your entire family in front of your eyes, bitten you in half, and left you for dead.

Killing one dragon at a time is hard enough, but when a vicious curse sweeps across the dragons of Faerûn, causing the beasts to slip into feral madness, it seems that Dorn’s time has come. As rage overcomes each and every dragon across the realms, civilization’s only hope may lie in the last alliance Dorn and his fellow dragon hunters would ever accept.

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