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Rhiannon Lambert


About the Author

Rhiannon Lambert is one of the UK’s leading Registered Nutritionists, Sunday Times best-selling author and founder of Rhitrition, a private nutrition clinic on Harley Street in London. Rhitrition offers a comprehensive range of services ensuring personalized care for individual’s needs. In 2020 Rhiannon launched Rhitrition+ which champions evidence based nutritional supplements. Rhiannon is the host of the ‘Food for Thought’ podcast, which has recently surpassed over 7 million listens, where she explores a variety of nutrition topics each week with expert guests. Rhiannon holds a first-class degree in Nutrition and Health, a Master’s degree in Obesity, Risks, and Prevention, and diplomas in sports nutrition, and in pre- and post-natal nutrition. She is a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders, accredited by The British Psychological Society, and a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

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