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Big Big Love, Revised by Hanne Blank
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Big Big Love, Revised

Best Seller
Big Big Love, Revised by Hanne Blank
Paperback $19.00
Sep 20, 2011 | ISBN 9781587610851

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  • $19.00

    Sep 20, 2011 | ISBN 9781587610851

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Big Big Love is a ginormous blessing to people everywhere. Not only is it a superb sex manual, it’s positively radical, fun to read, and life affirming—big time. We know that “people of size” enjoy sex as much as anyone, but to talk about it so frankly, to show it, and give explicit details about the ins and outs of it, is as transgressive as it gets in our culture of “thin is sexy.” This book is well worth its weight in gold.”   
—Annie Sprinkle, PhD, Ecosex Educator, Sexologist
“Part of enjoying sex is being comfortable with your body. Big Big Love dispels myths related to fat sexuality and helps people learn to take pleasure in their bodies, regardless of size.”   
—Bruce Sturgell, Founder,
“Fat people have sex—and thanks to Hanne Blank’s updated and unabashedly unashamed guide to sex and relationships, fat people can have better, more satisfying sex. This book is vitally important for anyone who shops in the plus-size department. Thanks to Hanne, we’re all a little luckier when it comes to getting lucky.”   
—Marianne Kirby, author, Lessons from the Fatosphere

Table Of Contents

Preface xi
A Brief Introduction, with a Side of Debunking 1
Chapter One BODY AND SOUL 19
What You Can Expect 20
Things Would Be So Different If They Were Not as They Are 25
Physical “Fit-ness” 29
The Shape of Things 32
Dressing the Part 36
Interview: Playing Dress-Up with Lesley Kinzel 38
Cleanliness Is Next to Sexiness 40
When Your Body Changes 44
Weight-Loss Dieting and Your Sex Life 47
Move It 49
Chapter Two WHO’S WHO 53
Straight but Not Narrow 54
Fat Admirers 56
Fat Asexuals: Probably Not What You’re Thinking 58
Chubbies and Chasers and Bears, Oh My! 61
Glorious Dykes 62
Bi and Large 64
Trans Fats 65
Fat and Kinky 67
Chapter Three GETTING A GRIP 69
Changing What You See 70
Fake It ’Til You Make It 73
Interview: Seeing Your Attractiveness More Clearly with Golda Poretsky 74
Tell Me What You Want 80
On Being a Sex Object 83
The Naked Truth 91
Interview: Taking It Off for the Camera with Substantia Jones 94
The Belly Dance 98
Friendly Fire 101
Strategies and Comebacks 103
Interview: Sheila Addison, Psychologist 104
Dear Fat Admirer 112
Coming Out  115
Interview: Coming Out with Yohannon 118
How Not to Be an Asshole  122
Axis of Allies 127
Chapter Five TO YOUR HEALTH! 133
Your Rights as a Fat Sexual/Reproductive Health Care Consumer 134
Fertility, Contraception, and Pregnancy 136
Sexually Transmitted Infections and Safer Sex 138
OW! Preventing Sex Injuries 141
Dysfunction Junction 144
Keeping Your Head When Your Feet Are in the Stirrups 148
PCOS 153
Lipedema and Lymphedema 155
Gynecomastia 157
Yes! Yes! Yes! 160
Assume the Position 163
Masturbation 166
Penetrative Sex 169
Oral Sex 174
Getting on Top 175
Fat Porn and Erotica 177
Sex Toys and Accessories 180
Beyond Vanilla 183
BDSM 185
Fat as Fetish 189
Feederism 192
Fat Sex Questions Greatest Hits  195
Resource Guide 203
General Sex Education and Information 204
Special Issue Sex Education and Information 205
Fat Acceptance and Size Acceptance 206
Health and Wellness 208
Hygiene Aids 209
Movement and Injury Prevention 209
Social and Dating Resources 210
Size-Positive Imagery, Erotica, and Pornography 212
Sex Toys and Accessories 214
Fat-Friendly Sex Toy and Accessories Vendors 215
Lingerie and Clothing 216
About the Author 217
Index 218

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