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The Last Line of Defense by Ken Cuccinelli
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The Last Line of Defense

Best Seller
The Last Line of Defense by Ken Cuccinelli
Feb 12, 2013 | ISBN 9780770437107

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  • Feb 12, 2013 | ISBN 9780770437107

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“Ken Cuccinelli will stand up for our freedoms….Ken is leading the fight for those of us who are frustrated and angry with the unprecedented expansion of the federal government into our private lives.”  – Mike Huckabee
“Ken has been a key leader nationally in the fight against unconstitutional overreaches of the federal government. He has been a true and consistent champion of liberty.” – Rand Paul
“One of our rock star heroes and a real leader of the conservative movement – not just today, but in the future.” – Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center
“He is a man who has never turned his back on his values, has never turned his back on his beliefs, and has never refused to stand up when principle demanded him to do so.” –David Keene, NRA President
“Cuccinelli will tell you to your face, repeatedly, what he is going to do and why. And then he does it — without regard to how it will affect his political career. That simple formula is behind every page of “The Last Line of Defense.”  In the eyes of the trimming, scheming and surprisingly lazy political class, this is controversial.  The rest of the world calls it honesty.” – Norm Leahy

“The Last Line of Defense is a must read for conservatives, Tea Partiers, libertarians, students of government, students of law, and anyone who cares about the future of America.  Even Democrats will learn that Cuccinelli’s brand of conservatism is grounded in the most basic, thoughtful and positive American principles, their demagoguery notwithstanding.  In fact every voter and candidate for office would do well to read it.  It is the present and the future based on timeless principles.”
Mark Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

“Cuccinelli picks fights over principle, and the lodestar guiding his actions is his belief in a strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.”
James Bacon, Bacon’s Rebellion

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