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Why I Am Not A Feminist

Paperback $15.99

Feb 21, 2017 | 176 Pages

Ebook $15.99

Feb 21, 2017

Audiobook Download $15.00

Feb 21, 2017 | 193 Minutes

  • Paperback $15.99

    Feb 21, 2017 | 176 Pages

  • Ebook $15.99

    Feb 21, 2017

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“The point of ‘Why I Am Not a Feminist’ isn’t really that Crispin is not a feminist; it’s that she has no interest in being a part of a club that has opened its doors and lost sight of its politics—a club that would, if she weren’t so busy disavowing it, invite Kellyanne Conway in….Crispin’s argument is bracing, and a rare counterbalance; where feminism is concerned, broad acceptability is almost always framed as an unquestioned good.” —The New Yorker

“Small but mighty, a bracing, contradictory volume full of fury. It’s a rousing call for unity that’s not afraid to alienate, at once breezy and foreboding. It’s a radical text written in accessible, entertaining prose, slipped nonchalantly into the mainstream….A blueprint for women who care about equal rights for all women, and really, all humans.” Flavorwire

“Perceptive and impassioned…There’s something decidedly appealing, even romantic, about this vision of a radical movement that will, in Crispin’s words, set about ’fully dismantling’ the system.” New Republic

“Argues against the current brand of feminism that equates progress with buying into the status quo, and calls for a reinvestment in radical, even revolutionary thinking about what feminism can mean, and do.” —Elle

“A searing critique…a necessary contribution to the effort to push contemporary social justice movements further to the left and to weave an understanding of class politics into modern identity-based movements in order to build a radical politics of solidarity.” Jacobin

“Brief, bellicose, and bracing…A call for an examination of conscience.” Chicago Tribune

“The author’s ferocious critique effectively reframes the terms of any serious discussion of feminism. You’ll never trust a you-go-girl just-lean-in bromide again. Forget busting glass ceilings. Crispin has taken a wrecking ball to the whole structure.” —Kirkus starred review

“Feminists have, in fact, become polite insiders, and Crispin is here to show them how to punch their way out. A rallying manifesto; start swinging.” —Library Journal

“Laser-like insight into feminism’s strengths and weaknesses…Rhetoric that soars and sears…Through insights that provoke discussion and dissension, Crispin rallies the kind of radical verve that once vitalized a revolution in the hope that it will do so once again.” —Booklist

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