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Penguin Poets Series

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Since 1993, the Penguin Poets series has been committed to publishing a broad range of contemporary poetic voices, in elegant and affordable editions, with the belief that poetry is an essential force that enriches the larger culture and can both comfort us and challenge us to read and think in new ways. We champion formal innovation, diverse voices and perspectives, technical grace, and emotional heft. Collections in the series address a wide array of topics, from race, gender, migration, social justice, and cultural inheritance to science, nature, and climate change; from domestic life and family bonds to spirituality and popular culture; from the real to the imagined; from the past to the infinite possibilities of the future. This has been our mission for over 25 years, and we hope that you will join us in reading, exploring, and celebrating the ever-expanding world of Penguin Poets.
Living at the Movies by Jim Carroll
Being Reflected Upon by Alice Notley
mother by m.s. RedCherries

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