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The Zack Files Series

Dan Greenburg and Jack E. Davis
Zack Files 03: a Ghost Named Wanda by Dan Greenburg; Illustrated by Jack Davis
Zack Files 29: Just Add Water and....Scream! by Dan Greenburg
Zack Files 30: It's Itchcraft! by Dan Greenburg; Illustrated by Jack Davis

The Zack Files Series : Titles in Order

Book 30
Zack is nervous about the fifth-grade Halloween dance. He doesn’t know how to dance and he doesn’t have a date! When Zack meets Prudence, a beautiful girl who speaks with a funny accent and dresses in old-fashioned clothing, he’s smitten. He thinks he’s found the perfect date for the dance! Prudence is so different from the rest of the kids he knows. She’s actually come from the past-the year 1692 to be exact-and she’s fleeing the Salem witch trials! Will Zack and Prudence even make it to the dance, or will she have to return to the past? Read on to find out!
Book 29
When Zack and Spencer get the late-night munchies at a sleepover, they curb their hunger with some freeze-dried food that Zack got at the Air & Space Museum. After devouring freeze-dried ice cream and pizza, they come across an extra package of freeze-dried something. When opened and wet, the shriveled mass starts growing, and growing and growing! How will the boys stop an out-of-control blob from eating everything in sight before it’s too late?

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis.
Book 28
Zack’s classmate Andrew Clancy is always bragging. Everyone knows he’s a big liar. But suddenly, Andrew is having trouble hiding the fact that he isn’t telling the truth, and every time he tells another whopper, his butt grows bigger-will it ever stop?
Book 27
Zack’s new substitute teacher seems kind of odd. And she is rather hairy. And get this, her name is Mrs. Wolfowitz! But is she really a werewolf? Or just one very weird lady who happens to like the taste of homework papers? Read on to find out!
Book 26
Mummies are cool, but they’re creepy, too! Zack has faced aliens, vampires, time-travelers, ghosts, and Bigfoot—now find out what happens when he meets teenage mummy Ikhnaton (Icky for short).
Book 25
It seems like a regular field trip to a natural history museum—until Zack gets locked inside for the night and discovers what really goes on in those display cases when no one is watching. A tribe of curious Neanderthals, rampaging woolly mammoths, prehistoric food shortages . . . it’s just another wild adventure for Zack!
Book 24
I went to visit my Grandma Leah in Chicago, and we went to a White Sox game. Doesn’t sound like such a big deal, right? Well, here’s the thing—Grandma played in the game!
Book 23
When Zack bought a dinosaur egg at the flea market, he was given one warning: DO NOT put it in the microwave! I’ll bet you can guess what happened next…
Book 22
Zack used to be in control of hisown body. But that was before someone else—someone who’s been dead almost one hundred years—took over. She’s bossy, she’s British, she’s a queen—and she and Zack are not amused!
Book 21
Strange things just won’t stop happening to Zack! One more out-of-this-world adventures join this funny series about a 10 year old who’s prone to paranormal problems. Zack enters a horror film fan contest, and he and his best friend win an evening with Mella Bugosi, an aging horror film star with a Transylvanian accent. It’s not long before Zack notices Mella has some pretty odd habits: he avoids sunlight at all costs, he sleeps in a coffin, and…Zack hopes that’s V-8 he’s drinking! Could good old Mella be an actual vampire?
Book 20
Zack goes on a class trip, gets an insect bit, and suddenly can’t speak a single word that isn’t in rhyme. Talking like a modern-day Shakespeare may be fun at first, but not when you can’t turn it off! What could be verse? How did this happen? And how can Zack make it stop?
Book 19
Zack’s first trip to sleep-away camp gets a little hairy when legends of a mysterious creature lurking in the woods turn out to be more than just campfire tales. Is it the missing link? Yeti? Sasquatch? Bigfoot?
Book 18
Forget about the Y2K problem! Zack’s up to his ears in dragons and wizards when a computer glitch sends him hurtling back in time to the year 999–and a peculiar boys’ school known as Dragon Slayers’ Academy!
Book 17
A trip to New York City to celebrate her 89th birthday–and participate in a Rockettes reunion at Radio City Music Hall–leaves Zack’s Grandma Leah feeling younger than springtime. And she’s looking that way too, since a strange trip through an airport metal detector turned back the hands of time and is making Grandma grow younger and younger!
Book 16
Uh-oh! Thanks to a heaping helping of a new dietetic sugar substitute, Zack shrinks down to the size of a bug. It’s not all that bad–until he discovers an army of ants who are building an ant pyramid for their despotic pharaoh-queen!

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