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Prophecy Series

Tetsuya Tsutsui
Prophecy, Part 1 by Tetsuya Tsutsui
Prophecy, Part 2 by Tetsuya Tsutsui
Prophecy, Part 3 by Tetsuya Tsutsui

Prophecy Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
In this concluding volume, the members of Paperboy gather to prepare to carry out their next act of vengeance against a hypocritical politician. But the guilty conscience of one of the co-conspirators leads him to tip off the police, and the Anti Cyber Crimes Division is closing in on the terrorist group.
Book 2
As Paperboy starts to issue video warnings of crims they plan to commit against ever-larger targets of internet outrage, Lt. Yoshino and the Anti-Cyber Crimes Division attempt to get one step ahead of the newspaper-masked terrorist group. But even as these vigilantes contend with the authorities, the greatest threat to their master plans may come from a totally unexpected place–within their tightly-knit core.
Book 1
A newspaper-masked vigilante who broadcasts his acts of vengeance before committing them. A newly-formed police division tackling the new frontier of internet-based crime. As the sun rises on the Era of Information, can a group of people who found themselves at the bottom of the food chain rattle society through the web and avenge a fallen friend?
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