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The Venus Blueprint

Paperback $19.95

May 22, 2012 | 272 Pages

Ebook $9.99

May 22, 2012 | 272 Pages

  • Paperback $19.95

    May 22, 2012 | 272 Pages

  • Ebook $9.99

    May 22, 2012 | 272 Pages

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“An exciting new theory of sacred art, sacred architecture, and the music and magic of the earth … a fascinating journey into the mysteries of human consciousness and the lost wisdom of the ancients.”
–Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods

“A stunning reassessment of mankind’s religious and scientific legacy … a beautiful vision of a world once guided by the physics of resonance, the symbolism of geometry, and the music of the spheres.”
–Nassim Haramein, The Resonance Project Foundation

“… a convincing case for a profound cosmic connection between Venus’s orbital geometry and the architectural template underlying Rosslyn chapel and most other significant ancient temples … a compelling detective story!”
–Simon Best, editor of Caduceus magazine

“Original and thought-provoking, The Venus Blueprint challenges entrenched dogmas of both science and religion…. Merrick just may have succeeded in constructing the long sought-after mythology spoken of by Joseph Campbell.”
–Scott Olsen, author of The Golden Section and Divine Proportion

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