The Iron Wolves

Ebook $6.99

Angry Robot | Dec 31, 2013 | ISBN 9780857663566

  • Mass Market Paperback$7.99

    Angry Robot | Dec 31, 2013 | 464 Pages | 4-3/16 x 6-7/8 | ISBN 9780857663559

  • Ebook$6.99

    Angry Robot | Dec 31, 2013 | ISBN 9780857663566


Praise for Andy Remic:

“It’s a fast brutal fantasy adventure with some fun characters and some fantastic ideas. I am really excited to see the series develop.” – Un:Bound

“I have already preordered the next book in the series as I really enjoyed reading this book. If you love Gemmell you will love Remic.” – State of Review

” a bloody, violent, fantastic journey through carnage, terror, and a downright epic tale that makes Underworld and every zombie movie look bad… Remic is the Tarantino of fantasy, and if that isn’t a compliment, then I don’t know what is.” – Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’

“Remic (The Clockwork Vampire) delivers the goods for fans of stark brutality and violence in a fantasy setting … A cliffhanger ending promises more gritty action in future installments.”
- Publishers Weekly (November 18, 2013)

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