The Radical King

Paperback $16.00

Jan 12, 2016 | 320 Pages

Hardcover $26.95

Jan 13, 2015 | 320 Pages

Ebook $15.99

Jan 13, 2015 | 320 Pages

  • Paperback $16.00

    Jan 12, 2016 | 320 Pages

  • Hardcover $26.95

    Jan 13, 2015 | 320 Pages

  • Ebook $15.99

    Jan 13, 2015 | 320 Pages


“This useful collection takes King from the front lines of Southern segregation to a national movement for economic equality to an international condemnation of imperialism and armed intervention.”
Kirkus Reviews

“King’s skills as a preacher and rhetorician are amply in evidence, as is his profound empathy with others.” 
Publishers Weekly

From the Hardcover edition.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: The Radical King We Don’t Know ix
PART ONE: Radical Love
Introduction 3
ONE The Violence of Desperate Men 5
TWO Palm Sunday Sermon on Mohandas K. Gandhi 23
THREE Pilgrimage to Nonviolence 39
FOUR Loving Your Enemies 55
FIVE What Is Your Life’s Blueprint? 65

PART TWO: Prophetic Vision: Global Analysis and Local Praxis
Introduction 73
SIX The World House 75
SEVEN All the Great Religions of the World 97
EIGHT My Jewish Brother! 101
NINE The Middle East Question 105
TEN Let My People Go 107
ELEVEN Honoring Dr. Du Bois 113
PART THREE: The Revolution of Nonviolent Resistance: Against Empire and White Supremacy
Introduction 125
TWELVE Letter from Birmingham Jail 127
THIRTEEN Nonviolence and Social Change 147
FOURTEEN My Talk with Ben Bella 155
FIFTEEN Jawaharlal Nehru, a Leader in the Long Anti-Colonial Struggle 157
SIXTEEN Where Do We Go from Here? 161
SEVENTEEN Black Power 181
EIGHTEEN Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence 201
PART FOUR: Overcoming the Tyranny of Poverty and Hatred
Introduction 221
NINETEEN The Bravest Man I Ever Met 225
TWENTY The Other America 235
TWENTY-ONE All Labor Has Dignity 245
TWENTY-TWO The Drum Major Instinct 253
TWENTY-THREE I’ve Been to the Mountaintop 265
Acknowledgments 277
Notes 279
Index 283

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