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12 Books That Every Sandwich Lover Should Read

It’s #NationalSandwichDay! Devouring a book is a lot like devouring a sandwich: an outer layer protecting an awesome, hearty inside. Take a bite out of these sandwich-related titles below.

  1.  Book Cover Picture

    The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches

    The sandwich was born in 1762 in England, and has been evolving ever since. This encyclopedia captures more than 300 pages of history, trivia, and delicious recipes all dedicated to one of the most popular foods on the planet.

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  2.  Book Cover Picture

    Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book

    Make sandwich night as big a hit in your house as it is at Campanile restaurant in Los Angeles.

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    Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio has us all under his spell with these new twists on old classics.

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    50 recipes for grilled, melty, Italian goodness.

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    The Banh-Mi Handbook

    If you’re familiar with banh-mi, this book needs no explanation. For those of you who are not, run—don’t walk—to the nearest Vietnamese restaurant to try these colorful, crunchy, flavor-packed sandwiches. (Or just make them at home with this book.)

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  6.  Book Cover Picture

    Ice Cream Sandwiches

    There’s a sandwich for every meal, and dessert is no exception.

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  7.  Book Cover Picture

    Tea party

    Fancy finger sandwiches for the “crusts-cut-off” crowd.

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  8.  Book Cover Picture

    White Bread

    Did you ever wonder what happened to white bread? When and why did society decide that rustic, artisanal breads topped our old favorite supermarket brands?

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  9.  Book Cover Picture

    Bread & Butter

    Gluten-challenged masses rejoice! Erin McKenna, the founder of babycakes nyc gives you an amazing recipe for sandwich bread that’s the best thing since sliced…well, you know.

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  10.  Book Cover Picture

    300 Sandwiches

    How many of you would “earn” your engagement ring by making sandwiches for your significant other? And how many sandwiches is a ring worth? Discuss.

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  11.  Book Cover Picture

    Sam’s Sandwich (25th Anniversary Edition)

    It’s the 25th anniversary of the grossest sandwich of all time. Celebrate by reading this classic to your favorite toddler.

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