10 Best Literary Instagram Accounts for Book Lovers

We can’t get enough of these beautiful, bookish Instagram accounts.

10 Best Literary Instagram Accounts for Book-Lovers
By Abbe Wright

One of the best corners of the internet is, without a doubt, #bookstagram. Readers from around the world celebrate their love for the printed word with boundless creativity. Here, we’ve collected 10 of our favorite Instagram accounts about reading—including some smaller ones we believe deserve a huge following. From poetry to hedgehogs, bookish Instagram is wacky and wonderful. Trust us, you’ll be glad you followed.

@foldedpagesdistillery is a beautiful account that shows off books in chaotic, visually interesting, and incredibly detailed compositions.

A self-described books hoarder with dreams of opening a bookstore, literary Instagrammer @readwithkat is bursting with (beautifully posed) recommendations—and we’re always here for a pup photobomb! (Hi Gus!)

@bookbento posts bookish still-lifes with recommended reads from a wide variety of genres. This flat-lay account is a browseable bookstore that’s a feast for the eyes.

Many publishers are on Instagram and doing a fantastic job, but we think @riverheadbooks is a cut above the rest. Books find their way into all sorts of places and spaces that are total scroll-stoppers.

Kate Gavino’s line portraits of authors and their quotes on @lastnightsreading landed her a book of her very own, and after perusing this feed, you’ll understand why. These illustrations featuring words of wisdom from authors allow you to attend readings all over the place without having to leave your couch.

Bright, airy photos and colorful shelfies characterize @mentallybooked, along with Taryn’s thoughtful, authentic reviews.

Technically, Anuradha Bhaumick’s account, @hooplaback.girl, is an art account, not strictly a #bookstagram, but it’s clear from her bio (Books & Plants & Plants & Books) and her embroidery that she’s a true book lover. And we can’t get over her incredibly intricate—and cute!—embroidery of readers.

We want to crawl inside @readbetweenthelattes, a moody and monochromatic account focused on the joys of reading in coffee shops. Heaven!

Oscar from @booksteahenny always keeps it real when he’s reviewing his latest reads, sharing about his experience as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, and, of course, when he’s spilling the tea.

It doesn’t get much cozier than the @perpetualpages feed. Good luck staying on task—instead of curling up under a fuzzy blanket—while you scroll through this literary comfort sesh.