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Christopher Hyde


About the Author

International praise for the novels of Christopher Hyde


“[Hyde] draws tension with the skill of a surgeon. A story that grips you with its characters, action surprises, then won’t let go, even after you turn out the light.”—Michael Connelly, bestselling author of City of Bones


“Powerful, stunning.”—

Publishers Weekly


“A model of plotting so dazzling it makes other page turners look positively anemic.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


“Mr. Hyde spins a great yarn with a likeable hero.”—

London Spectator


“Not a dull page, not a false note.”—

Ottawa Citizen


“The best-written, best plotted heist novel ever published—bar none.”—

Los Angeles Times


“Brilliantly realized and compulsively realized.”—



“Fascinating…definitely not for the squeamish.”—Booklist


“What a read! Hyde’s ability to describe people and places is fantastic!”—

Herald American


“Sophisticated, intelligent and wonderfully literate suspense. A unique and masterful work of historical fiction.”—

Los Angeles Rapport


“A whizzer of a story.”—

Library Journal


“A superior piece of work.”—

Houston Chronicle


“A writer to watch.”—New Orleans Times-Picayune

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