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Coleman Barks

This Longing

About the Author

Coleman Barks published his first book of poetry, The Juice, in 1972. From the late seventies to the present time, he has been known for his translations of the thirteenth-century mystic Jelaluddin Rumi. He has published versions of other mystical poets as well as his own poetry, and he has collaborated with a variety of artists, dancers, and musicians in the presentation of his material. He is a professor emeritus of English at the University of Georgia.

Michael Green is a critically acclaimed artist/author, who is working to create a new kind of sacred art for our time. “Some of the most luminous images of our civilization,” said the Woodstock Times about The Illuminated Rumi. His other books include Zen & the Art of the Macintosh, Unicornis, The Book of the Dragontooth, and The I-Ching Records. He lives in Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley.

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