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Stephen Wangh


About the Author

STEPHEN WANGH, is a director, acting teacher and the author of fifteen plays. He was Associate Writer for The Laramie Project (Emmy nomination 2002), a co-writer of The People’s Temple (Glickman Award: Best Play in the Bay Area 2005), and dramaturg of Moisés Kaufman’s Gross Indecency. His latest play, Misconceptions, premiered in New York in May, 2023.

Steve is the author of two books about teaching acting: An Acrobat of the Heart, a Physical Approach to Acting Inspired by the Work of Jerzy Grotowski and The Heart of Teaching: Empowering Students in the Performing Arts. He has taught acting at Emerson College, at Naropa University, and at NYU, where he is now Arts Professor Emeritus. During the past few years, Steve has also been training actors in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok and at the Freedom Theatre in Jenin, Palestine. He lives in Brattleboro, VT.

Books by Stephen Wangh

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