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Livewired by David Eagleman


Best Seller
Livewired by David Eagleman
Hardcover $28.95
Aug 25, 2020 | ISBN 9780307907493

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  • Aug 25, 2020 | ISBN 9780307907493

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  • Aug 25, 2020 | ISBN 9780307907509

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“Masterful . . . Outstanding popular science.”⁠Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“Delivers an intellectually exhilarating look at neuroplasticity . . . Eagleman’s skill as teacher, bold vision, and command of current research will make this superb work a curious reader’s delight.”Publishers Weekly (starred)

“David Eagleman, the Jolly Sherlock Holmes of neuroscience, makes me believe that the universe of possibility required to create utopia is already housed in each of our brains. His knowledge and enthusiasm are intoxicating. His book demonstrates the principle about which he is writing; my mind has been changed by his words.”—Russell Brand, Comedian & Activist

“There is much to extract from this fascinating work, that is recommended for readers interested in neuroscience, technology, and the intersection of the two.”Library Journal (starred) 

Table Of Contents

1 The Delicate Pink Magisterium
The Child with Half a Brain • Life’s Other Secret • If You’re Missing the Tool, Create It • An Ever-Changing System
2 Just Add World
How to Grow a Good Brain • Experience Necessary • Nature’s Great Gamble
3 The Inside Mirrors the Outside
The Case of the Silver Spring Monkeys • The Afterlife of Lord Horatio Nelson’s Right Arm • Timing Is Everything • Colonization Is a Full-Time Business • The More the Better • Blindingly Fast • What Does Dreaming Have to Do with the Rotation of the Planet? • As Outside, So Inside
4 Wrapping Around the Inputs
The Planet-Winning Technology of the Potato Head • Sensory Substitution • The One-Trick Pony • Eye Tunes • Good Vibrations • Enhancing the Peripherals • Conjuring a New Sensorium • Imagining a New Color • Are You Ready for a New Sensation?
5 How to Get a Better Body
Will the Real Doc Ock Please Raise His Hands? • No Standard Blueprints • Motor Babbling • The Motor Cortex, Marshmallows, and the Moon • Self-Control • Toys Are Us • One Brain, Infinite Body Plans
6 Why Mattering Matters
The Motor Cortices of Perlman Versus Ashkenazy • Fashioning the Landscape • Dogged • Allowing the Real Estate to Change • The Brain of a Digital Native
7 Why Love Knows Not Its Own Depth Until the Hour of Separation
A Horse in the River • Making Invisible the Expected • The Difference Between What You Thought Would Happen and What Actually Happened • Going Toward the Light. Or Sugar. Or Data. • Adjusting to Expect the Unexpected
8 Balancing on the Edge of Change
When Haiti Disappears • How to Spread Drug Dealers Evenly • How Neurons Expand Their Social Network • The Benefits of a Good Death • Is Cancer an Expression of Plasticity Gone Awry? • Saving the Brain Forest
9 Why Is It Harder to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks?
Born as Many • The Sensitive Period • Doors Close at Different Rates • Still Changing After All These Years
10 Remember When
Talking to Your Future Self • The Enemy of Memory Is Not Time; It’s Other Memories • Parts of the Brain Teach Other Parts • Beyond Synapses • Daisy-Chaining a Range of Timescales • Many Kinds of Memory • Modified by History
11 The Wolf and the Mars Rover
12 Finding Otzi’s Long-Lost Love
We Have Met the Shape-Shifters, and They Are Us
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